The Best Skin Care Products

It’s no secret that I love skin care. I love taking good care of my skin and also teaching women how to take good care of their skin so it can be healthy and beautiful. But there’s no sense in complicating the process. And there’s no sense in paying tons of money or putting bad ingredients on your face. So I’ve rounded up the best skin care products for you that are no nonsense, easy to use, basic, and affordable. Let’s get back to the basics. Beauty basics.
Top 3 Cleansers
Homemade Cleanser- This recipe is really simple but really great for moisturizing your skin: 1/3 cup Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, 1/3 cup honey, 3 Tbsp. distilled water, 2 Tbsp. jojoba oil, 10 drops lavender essential oil. Love that it’s all natural!
Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser– This is a great drugstore option for cleaning your face. It can remove your makeup and clean your face in an effective way.
Milk Cleanser– This cleanser is not your typical cleanser. It does not lather and suds up when you cleanse your face. Most cleansers are too harsh for the skin and strip the protective layer away…but not this cleanser! It’s gentle enough yet leaves your skin clean and healthy.
No matter what cleanser you choose to use, definitely use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your face! It helps grab at the makeup, product, oil, and dirt so much better than a normal cloth. You will notice a big difference in how clean your face gets if you use one. These HERE are my absolute favorite! They’re super soft but also grab at that buildup oh so well. You can get them for free when you purchase the Tres Leches Skin Care System (Maskcara Milk products) HERE. I love a good deal!

Top 3 Toners
Homemade Toner- You can throw this simple homemade toner recipe together to help restore your skin’s natural pH level: fill a glass spray bottle with ½ cup witch hazel, 1 tsp. Vitamin E oil, 3 drops of geranium, tea tree, and lavender essential oils.
Apple Cider Vinegar– I know it sounds weird, but apple cider vinegar is a really great natural face toner! If you can stomach the smell, it will help restore your skin’s natural pH level and leave it feeling really great.
Milk Toner– I love love this toner! I like to spray a cotton pad and wipe my face with the toner. The toner is applied evenly to my face and also removes any other product that I missed when cleansing. Win win!

Top 3 Moisturizers
Homemade Moisturizer- This is a great simple homemade recipe that you can whip up to use daily. Mix together ½ melted coconut oil, 1 tsp. Vitamin E oil, and 6 drops of Lavender oil and your face will feel great!
Coconut Oil– I have used coconut oil as a moisturizer for years! You can use it all over your body or as a moisturizer for your face. Lather it on at night and let it soak into your skin to leave it feeling happy!
Milk Moisturizer– This moisturizer is amazing! It penetrates your skin’s surface and helps promote healthy cell turnover. It can heal the driest of skin without leaving a greasy residue. You cannot go wrong with it…it’s my fave!

Top 3 Exfoliators
Exfoliating is my secret sauce to skin care. It helps you get that smooth and glowing look that you want. Do it a few times a week and you’ll love the result! When using an exfoliator, you want to make sure you use one that doesn’t have large granules that can scratch your skin’s surface. These are all great options!
Homemade Exfoliator- I’ve used this homemade recipe for years! The baking soda is a gentle texture that helps leave your face feeling smooth. You can read more about how to make it HERE.
Cure Exfoliator– This is a great option that so many women love!
Salis Skin Care Exfoliator– This is my absolute favorite exfoliator! The Salis Skin Care Scrubs are top notch and so so good for your skin. You will seriously think that there is magic in this jar.

Top 3 Masks
Homemade Mask- There are so many great mask recipes that you can throw together! This one is super easy and very nourishing: Mix together ½ avocado, 2 Tbsp. olive oil, and 1 Tbsp. honey. Apply it to your face and let it sit for 15ish minutes. Rinse with warm water. Follow with toning and moisturizing and you’ll have happier skin!
Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask– This is a great option for a drugstore mask that will help take your skin care routine up a notch.
Clay Mask– Oh I love this clay mask! I use it once a week and I love how it draws out the impurities and leaves my skin feeling so healthy.

And that’s a wrap! There are some skin care products that you can use to make your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful. There’s no need to make your skin care routine complicated. Get back to the basics! Email me if you have any questions!