Things to Do in Wellington

We have been in New Zealand for 19 months and we have seen so many amazing sites! In between every school term, there is a 2 week school holidays and we try to maximize that time! We have been to Wellington before on a quick trip down for Christmas when we hopped on over to the South Island. But we wanted to visit again to see the city and explore a new place. Here are 6 things to do in Wellington:
Seal Colony
This is an easy walk 5k round trip walk along the coast to a secluded seal colony. You can’t see the seals from the distance…you have to wander off the beaten path to sneak up on them and it is amazing! Seals are perched on the large boulders all along the shore. They’re busy being lazy and basking in the sun. They’ll let you know if you get too close by barking at you. Keep your distance but enjoy watching them from a safe distance! The trail follows the beautiful coastline and offers gorgeous views!

Feed the Eels at Battle Hill
Battle Hill is the location of the final battle between the Moari and English. It is a farm with rolling hills of livestock. But what most people don’t know is that there is a quiet stream on the property with a community of eels. Take some lunch meat and feed it to them…it’s awesome! Eels can’t see so they are slow and careful when approaching for food. But they can get aggressive and will rise out of the water to eat. It is such a cool experience. But, watch out because they can bite!

Walk Through Downtown
Wellington is known for its restaurants. Supposedly it is the city with the most restaurants per capita. The downtown of Wellington is so fun, lively, and charming. There are shops, museums, and restaurants galore. It’s a must to spend some time walking downtown and watching people and popping into shops. Grab some grub and eat along the harbour…the view is hard to beat! You are bound to find something yummy to eat, fun to buy, or interesting to look it.

Cable Car to Botanic Gardens
This is a fun cable car ride up a steep hill to the tip top of Wellington. The views are gorgeous! You can choose different paths that will wind you through the botanic gardens. Gorgeous green bush and colorful flowers will entertain your eyes.

Weta Factory
If you enjoy movies, then you will enjoy the Weta Factory! This is the place where a lot of movie making magic happens. It is the home of lots of movie props and cool creations. Our 45 minute tour taught us about some cool behind the scenes facts and gave us great insight to the movie making process.

Gallipoli Exhibit at Te Papa Museum
The Te Papa museum is cool…but the Gallipoli Exhibit is amazing! Seriously…wow! The Weta Factory created these huge soldiers that are completely lifelike. From the hair on their head & arms to the scars & pores on their bodies. It is mind boggling how they created something so real looking. The exhibit shares the struggles and stories behind the battle that was fought. It is a must see and totally free!

Wellington is a great place to visit and a must see when visiting New Zealand. It is known as Windy Welly because of its high wind speeds. It can be pretty cold, rainy, and windy, but it is still a fun place to visit. The people are friendly, the food is yummy, and the sights are gorgeous.