Tips for Holiday Makeup Looks

Holiday Makeup Looks

Tips for Holiday Makeup Looks

  The holidays are a great way to dress up, feel fancy, add some pop, and feel extra great! There are lots of products and colors and choices out there…it can be a bit overwhelming! Here are some colors and combos that will help you with your holiday makeup looks this season!  

Holiday Makeup Tips

When putting your makeup on for a holiday gathering, whether that’s with coworkers, friends, or family, you want to take your everyday look up a notch. Instead of sticking to your normal colors, branch out! Be bold! I don’t know about you, but when I feel confident in my makeup, I show up happier, more alive, and outgoing. So here are some tips to help you with your holiday makeup looks.
  • If you normally wear subtle or neutral makeup colors, be brave and go for bolder, darker, or brighter.
  • If you want a bold lip, play your eyes down a little and vice versa. If you want a bold eye, then go for a subtle lip.
  • Bust out those false lashes so you look extra fancy and feminine!
  • Add some shimmer! You don’t have to go all teeny bop and bust out the glitter, but you can add some shimmer on your face by using a pretty illuminator. When the light hits your cheekbones just right, you will glow like a goddess!
  • Contour contour contour!! This is a necessary step in your daily makeup routine, but it must not be forgotten for your holiday makeup look! Contouring helps chisel out your cheekbones. It adds definition and dimension to your face. It brings out your feminine features. It is a YES for your holiday makeup looks!
Tips for Holiday Makeup Looks  

How to Get a Holiday Lip

Your lips can make or break your holiday makeup look! Here are some tips to get a pretty holiday lip that you will feel confident in:
  • Wear long lasting lipstick so your lip color stays put all night. You don’t want lipstick on your teeth or fading color. Invest in a fun color that will last all day!
  • Don’t be afraid to line your lips. Don’t go 90s on me with a dark liner and light lipstick. Let’s keep it natural looking! I love to use the same contour I use on my face to line my lips. This will give it a fuller appearance in a natural way.
  • Great Seint lip & cheek colors that will fit in your custom compact are: Saffron, Scarlet, Venice, or Pop.
  Lip & Cheek Colors for the Holidays

Eyeshadow Colors for the Holidays

Your everyday eyeshadow may be very simple or maybe nothing at all. But that can’t be the case for your holiday makeup looks! If you opt for a bold lip, then do a simple eye look. You can use a pretty shimmer on your entire eyelid and call it good. Or you can go for a fun eye and subtle lip look. Use this technique with any combo of colors for a gorgeous holiday eyeshadow look. Eyeshadow Shades for the Holidays Hopefully these simple tips and colors will help you feel extra fancy and gorgeous for your holiday makeup looks. The best thing that you can wear is that beautiful smile of yours! Don’t be afraid to flash it often =) Shop Seint Beauty Products Here Holiday Makeup Looks *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item featured in this post, I get a small portion from the sale. Thank you! It does not affect you at all.