Tips to Help Maskcara Makeup Apply Better

Tips to Help Maskcara Makeup Apply Better

Tips to Help Maskcara Makeup Apply Better


Do you already use Maskcara makeup? Or are you still researching about whether to make the switch to 3D foundation or not? Either way, trying new makeup can be a trial and error process. Here are some tips to help Maskcara makeup apply better so you learn to love it! I want you to feel confident in your skin, so let’s chat!


Smooth Application

Since this is a cream makeup, it can get harder with colder temperatures. And when it gets cold, it won’t go on as smoothly. But here’s a really easy trick! Simply take your blow dryer and lightly blow over your makeup for just a few seconds to soften the it up. This will get it a little warmer and it will go on much smoother!



Are you noticing texture on your skin after you apply your makeup? Here are a few ways to combat that problem:

  • You might have the wrong color highlight. Most times when you see texture, you most likely have a shade that is too light.
  • Your skin might need some good exfoliation. The product buildup and dead skin cells need to be sloughed off regularly to ensure you have smooth skin. Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. I love this natural skin scrub HERE or this gel HERE works well too.
  • Your skin could be dehydrated. Make sure you moisturize your skin daily so that it’s happy and healthy!
  • Everyone’s skin has peach fuzz….everyone’s! So, using a facial razor regularly can help you have smoother skin and will allow your makeup to apply a lot easier. It’s a simple step to have smoother skin!


Orangey Look

If your makeup is looking kind of orangey on your face, then you have too dark of a color. And that’s not very flattering! So, let’s fix that! You can send your selfie HERE so we can get the right color for you! Simply find a window with natural lighting, face it, take a few steps back, and snap a makeup-free picture of you face and neck.


Sliding Makeup

If you’re experiencing your makeup sliding off your face and it’s not staying on well, then it may be because your moisturizer isn’t absorbed into your skin yet. If you moisturize in the morning before you apply your makeup, then make sure to give a good few minutes for your moisturizer to soak in. If you apply your makeup right after your moisturizer, you skin is too slippery. So be patient. Do you eye makeup or your hair while you’re waiting for it to be nice and hydrated.


Makeup Staying Put All Day

Since this is cream makeup, it gives you a dewey finish. If you prefer to have a matte look and you want it to stay really put all day long, then make sure to set it with powder. I use and love any of these powders:

Vanilla Dust Setting Powder


Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder

The best brush to apply powder is the Power Powder brush. You press the powder exactly where you want it. You can add a ton of powder and let it absorb into your face. And then use the Bronzer + Blush brush to go back over a few minutes later to lightly brush the excess powder off.



If you feel like you’re not getting a good application and it’s looking splotchy, then you need to blend! The Perfector Sponge will be your best friend! To use the sponge properly, run it under water. Squeeze it opened and closed in your hand until it appears double in size. And then wring it out really well. Use the damp sponge on your face after you’ve applied your makeup. Dab, pat, roll, and splot the sponge all over your face to get a flawless finish.


Going Through Product Fast

If you feel like you’re going through your product quickly, then it’s most likely because your brush is dirty! Your makeup brush will zoom through your product when it’s dirty. The makeup will stick to it like Velcro! So make sure to clean your brushes weekly!

Hopefully after going over those tips, you can learn to use the makeup better. I want you to love this makeup and for you to look your best! Try these tips out and see if they work well for you. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me HERE!


Tips to Help Maskcara Makeup Apply Better

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