What is a Maskcara Color Match?

What is a Maskcara Color Match? at maskcarabeautygirl.com

What Is a Maskcara Color Match?


Have you heard of the Maskcara Beauty makeup line? It’s pretty awesome, if we do say ourselves! With its 3D cream foundation, it sure makes any woman look amazing! But it can be a bit tricky purchasing makeup online. What colors should you order? What colors will look great on you? Where do you even start?! And that’s exactly why we’ve created a Maskcara Color Match. But what is a Maskcara Color Match, you ask? The best way to make sure you get the right colors for you! And we can help!


Maskcara Makeup


First off, what is Maskcara makeup? Maskcara 3D foundation is a cream foundation consisting of highlight, contour, lip & cheek, and illuminator. When you have the right colors and learn to apply it in the right places, this makeup enhances your natural beauty. It helps give your face dimension, shape, definition, and color!


You know all the other foundations out there (whether it’s liquid, powder, or cream) how they’re all meant to give your face that flat finish? Regular foundation just covers up your natural beauty. It takes away that shape and shadows created naturally on your face and you look lifeless. And that’s not good!


Maskcara makeup is customizable so you can create a palette catered just for you and your needs! You no longer have to buy premade palettes that contain colors that you don’t like or waste products that you don’t end up using. Since the compacts are magnetic, you can switch your colors around and mix and match and switch out. You can use and replace each foundation tin as needed. It’s the best!


Maskcara Color Match


Now onto how to go about finding what colors will work best for you! A Maskcara Color Match is designed to help you find your colors. There are a few ways to do it.


We’ve created a really quick and simple quiz that you can take HERE that will help you figure out your foundation colors. This quiz will help you determine your skin tone and skin coloring.

What is a Maskcara Color Match? at maskcarabeautygirl.com

If you want more in depth help on what colors will work best for you, you can take this questionnaire HERE. It will ask you some questions about your makeup preference, makeup routine, and skin needs.


If you want even further help, you can send us a picture of your beautiful face so we can see it and assess what makeup colors will look great on you! Simply find a window with natural lighting, face it, take a few steps back, snap a picture of your makeup-free face, and email it to us HERE!

What is a Maskcara Color Match? at maskcarabeautygirl.com

What is a Maskcara Color Match? at maskcarabeautygirl.com

Easy Beauty


Beauty should be easy! We want to make it as easy as possible for you! By creating a Maskcara Color Match, we are trying to help make your online makeup purchase as seamless as possible. It’s not a perfect process, but it’s close!


We’re Not Perfect


We may be helpful and experienced, but we’re not perfect! Sometimes we may suggest colors that just don’t look fabulous on you. And we’re so sorry! But if that happens, you can return within 30 days or exchange within 60 days. Maskcara has the best customer service! Simply contact them HERE and start the return/exchange process.


If you’re noticing that your highlight foundation just isn’t blending well or if it appears to have texture, then it’s most likely the wrong color. Stay in contact with us so we can troubleshoot with you to figure out the best colors.


Most women actually like to wear more than one highlight color because we all have different coloring on our faces. Some of us have redness, dark circles, or brown spots. And at different seasons our skin appears different shades. So, we highly suggest you having a few highlight shades in your collection to help you always have the right highlight shade on hand.


We want you to love Maskcara Beauty products just as much as we do! We want to make shopping for makeup online a breeze! We want to be your personal makeup consultants so we can walk your through the beauty process so you can look and feel your best! So don’t wait any longer and contact us to start your Maskcara Color Match now!


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What is a Maskcara Color Match? at maskcarabeautygirl.com