What Rodan and Fields Products Should I Use

What Rodan and Fields Products Should I Use

What Rodan and Fields Products Should I Use

  Have you asked yourself: What Rodan and Fields products should I use? It can be overwhelming knowing where to start! There are so many options, products, and solutions. Where to begin?!! Hopefully after reading through this, you can have a better idea of knowing what products will work best for you!  

What Type of Skin Do You Have??

Before you go any further, it’s important to know what type of skin you have. Knowing this will help you understand what products will work best for you. Take this free and quick Skincare Analysis to determine what type of skin you have.  

Rodan + Fields for Acne

If you battle blemishes and acne, no matter at what age you are, then the UNBLEMISH Regimen is for you! But not only does it help heal those breakouts but also targets fine lines. Your skin will LOVE it!! You may also love this UNBLEMISH CLARIFYING MASK to help get extra clear skin.  

Rodan + Fields for Anti-Aging

If you have more mature skin and are trying to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, then the REDEFINE regimen is for you! This line “visibly lifts, sculpts + firms while minimizing the appearance of lines + deep wrinkles.” (R+F website) When you use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer daily and consistently, you will notice your skin tighten! Along with the regimen, there are other great anti-aging products that work amazing! REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream (this is one of my favorites!) REDEFINE Rejuvenation Mask REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum If anti-aging is your main concern, then you will love this regimen!  

Rodan + Fields for Discoloration

If you have hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots or other dark spots, or an uneven skin tone then the REVERSE Regimen is for you! This line targets those dark spots to help brighten them and give you a glowing appearance! It will brighten and reduce the discoloration so your skin is happy and healthy! Besides the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, here are some other great products speficially for discoloration: Targeted Dark Spot Corrector REVERSE Radiance Mask  

Rodan + Fields for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Then the SOOTHE Regimen will be your best friend! These products will help soothe your skin and reduce redness. Instead of just avoiding certain products so you don’t irritate your skin, this helps heal your dry, damaged, and red skin so you have healthier and stronger skin!  

Rodan + Fields for Teens

If you’re a teenager and want healthy and clear skin, then the SPOTLESS Regimen is perfect! It helps heal and prevent acne. Teenagers can be busy (and forgetful!) so this easy two-step process makes it really simple to care for your skin making it happy and healthy!  

Which Rodan + Fields Products Are the Best?

The short answer to this is that the best products are the ones that are right for your skin! You won’t love the REDEFINE line that is formulated for anti-aging if you have acne prone skin. But you’ll love the UNBLEMISH line! Knowing what type of skin you have will depend on what you buy and what you love!  

Where Can I Buy Rodan + Fields?

You can buy R + F products right from home! Use your phone, tablet, or computer to purchase exactly what you need and have it delivered right to your door! If you want to save money, then make sure to become a preferred customer! It’s a one-time fee of $19.95 but you’ll have endless perks and bonuses! PC (Preferred Customers) perks include:
  • 10% off every order
  • Free shipping on orders over $80
  • Free gift with second order placed 30-90 days after your first order
  • Get personalized recommendations from your skincare consultant (me!)
Most times, the PC membership is paid for on your first purchase! There’s no draw back to joining! If this is something you are interested in, then make sure to click the black button “Add Membership” in the PC Perks box at checkout.  

Is Rodan + Fields Worth It?

That’s a great question! Skincare can be expensive. It’s an investment for sure. But when you have happy and healthy skin, it can be life changing! When you have a great surface to apply your makeup, you glow! When you can feel comfortable being seen makeup-free, you show up more confidently! R + F products are worth it if having confidence, clear skin, and a healthy glow are important to you. If it’s important to you, then you’ll find a way to sacrifice spending less money on frivolous things and being more intentional with your skincare.  

What’s Rodan + Fields’ Return Policy?

If for some reason you try the products out and they’re not working for you, then you can return it! R+F has an amazing 60-day money back guarantee. They’re that confident that you’ll love the products and the results, but if you don’t, then you can get a full refund. What do you have to lose?!   So hopefully that answers your question about what Rodan and Fields products you should use! Know what type of skin you have and what you want to achieve and you’ll know what regimen is best for you! If you want longer lashes, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at the R + F Lash Boost reviews!! Shop Skincare Products Here What Rodan and Fields Products Should I Use *This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item featured in this post, I get a small portion from the sale. Thank you! It does not affect you at all.