What Sunscreen to Wear with Makeup

What Sunscreen to Wear with Makeup

What Sunscreen to Wear with Makeup

We’ve been told a million times to wear sunscreen! We know the importance of it but sometimes it’s hard to remember or it’s hard to find one that works well for us. Here’s what sunscreen to wear with makeup so you are protected and it works well with your beauty routine.


What Sunscreen to Wear with Makeup

A lot of sunscreens leave the skin feeling greasy and oily. Then applying your makeup on top of that leaves your face looking cakey and heavy. And that’s not good!

Not all sunscreens are created equal! Some will clog pores, leave your skin feeling slimy, or keep your makeup from staying on all day. Here are some tried and true sunscreens that work great with makeup!

After your morning skincare routine, apply a light layer of sunscreen. Let the sunscreen absorb into your skin for 5 minutes before apply your makeup. This will keep your makeup from sliding off.

Once your makeup routine is complete, you can proceed with your day! Here are some great sunscreen options to wear under your makeup:


Best Sunscreens for the Face


What Sunscreen to Wear on Top of Makeup

Most sunscreens only last an hour or two. So what do you do if you don’t want to reapply your makeup? You still want that protection throughout the day, but you don’t want the hassle of washing your face and doing your makeup all over again, right?!

That’s where a mineral powder sunscreen or a setting spray with sunscreen comes in! You can reapply your sunscreen throughout the day by simply adding the powder or spray on top of your makeup. Genius!! Here are some great options that work well for wearing sunscreen on top of your makeup:

Best Sunscreens on top of makeup

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Now you know some good options for protecting your face throughout the day. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for healthy skin…you can have both!


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What Sunscreen to Wear with Makeup

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