What’s in My Travel Backpack

As a traveling family of 6, we have to maximize our luggage and backpack space. We have 4 suitcases for our family to share and we also each have a backpack with our personal items. My backpack looks a bit different than my kids’. Their backpacks are full of entrainment and sentimental items. But mine…is not. What’s in my travel backpack? I’ll show you!
Quart Size Bag– I have a bag full of my liquid items that are important. It holds my skin care stuff (cleanser, toner, moisturizer), Lipsense lip glosses, mascara, hand sanitizer, and moroccon oil for my hair. All of my beauty necessities =)
Clutch– This holds all of my everyday makeup! From my foundation to contour to eyeshadow to brushes. It’s all there. I can also put my ID, credit cards, and phone in it. It’s amazing!
Extra Makeup– As a makeup artist, I have a lot of extra makeup! And I don’t want it to get stolen or damaged so I make sure to keep it close. I have it all in a compact toiletry bag that keeps it all neat and tidy.

Important Paper Work: You never know when something will get lost or stolen, so I have copies of birth certificates, marriage license, and passports on me just in case.

Writing materials: There are always tons of forms to fill out as you go in and out of countries, so I make sure to have a pen at the ready!
Journal– I want to make sure I document the special moments on our world travels, so my journal is the perfect thing to have handy.



Sun Hat– My sun hat is really big and bulky, but I love it for the beach! So I simply tied it onto the handle and it can travel easily with me without stuffing it into my suitcase.
Backpack– JoTotes has the best stylish & functional bags around!

And that’s it! It’s not the typical travel backpack but it works for me. I can keep the things that are important to me close by and ensure they don’t get lost or damaged as I travel. When it’s not packed to the max with my makeup when we’re at the airport, I tote it around with me during our day trips. I pack it with my water bottle, camera, phone, snacks, lunch, money, or anything the kids need me to tote around. I have loved having a backpack that is stylish and handy to have something to pack things around in. It has become my travel essential and I don’t leave home without it!
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