Why Maskcara: The Reasons Why I love the Products and the Business

Why Maskcara: The Reasons Why I love the Products and the Business


I’ve been using Maskcara Beauty products since day one of its existence! I love the makeup, skin care, compacts, and brushes and use them all daily!  But why Maskcara? Why do I love the Maskcara products and business so much?? I’ll tell you!


Why Maskcara? What’s so different about this makeup? Maskcara makeup is a cream-based foundation. It’s designed to bring dimension to your face. It’s meant to chisel those cheekbones, add shadow and shape, and bring out your beautiful features. Normal makeup just covers up your face with one flat color. Maskcara 3D foundation brings life to your beautiful face!

The foundation and eyeshadows are top notch and come in a variety of colors that any woman, no matter her skin color, will look great in! But the best thing about this makeup is that it is completely customizable! This is my favorite! Gone are the days of buying an eyeshadow palette only to use one or two colors and then toss the rest. You can build your own compact and create exactly what foundation, contour, blush, illuminator, bronzer, powder, and eyeshadow colors you want. And then when you’ve run out of a shade, you just replace that one! You waste so much less! It’s THE BEST!!

I’m a huge traveler. Our family traveled to 17 countries in one year alone! I love that Maskcara makeup is TSA approved! I can tote my makeup in my carryon with no problems. I don’t have to worry about it getting lost and I can always have it on me. And I don’t have to worry it spilling and making a mess! I can put all of my makeup colors I need in one compact…I save so much space!

The makeup is so easy, fast, and convenient to use. You can get full coverage or light coverage, depending on what look you want.

The pros of Maskcara products!


Not only is the makeup top notch, but the tools are too! All the makeup brushes are double ended and are so versatile! You can use each brush in multiple ways. I’ve had my makeup brushes for years and they’re still going strong! And all the brushes are very affordable!

The compacts are also awesome! They come in a variety of sizes and can hold whatever amount of makeup you need. Each compact is magnetic, so you just slide in your makeup single and move around and replace as needed. And they each have a mirror so you can do your makeup on the go.



Maskcara also has a cleanser, toner, crème, and masque that is superb! I love using products that have minimal and natural ingredients. Their Milk line is very gentle and nourishing for the skin. My skin is extra happy when I use it.



Even if I wasn’t a Maskcara Artist, I would still use the makeup! I love it that much! But, I am a Maskcara Artist. Everyone has their reasons why they love the products and business. I love the Maskcara business because:

  • I love the products!
  • I love that Maskcara Corporate takes care of shipping!
  • I love that Maskcara Corporate takes care of customer service!
  • I love that I don’t have to keep stock or inventory!
  • I love that I make 20% commission no matter how little I sell!
  • I love that I have the potential to make 20-40% commission, depending on how much I sell!
  • I love that I can build and run my business from anywhere in the world! Because I travel, I have built my business all online. I get to connect with women and teach and share how to look and feel beautiful.
  • I love being able to train a wonderful group of diverse women! It’s so great to connect with them and lift each other up and encourage each other to succeed.

Perks of the Maskcara Business!

I have a team of a diverse group of women from all ages, stages, and walks of life. We all lift each other up, encourage, and motivate. Our team is positive and respectful. Some of us run our business from online, run it in person, and some do a bit of both. The beauty of being a Maskcara Artist is that you get to create a business around your strengths, around what works for you, and how you want to do it.

I am not a pushy leader. I give you the tools and encouragement and guidance to succeed. If you want to run it as a side gig, I fully support you. If you want to hustle and make it big, I’m right there with you! I respect your goals and try to help you get there.



Those are just some reasons why I love the business. But, the main reason I’m a Maskcara Artist is because my husband and I want to become financially independent and retire in 10 years. Being a Maskcara Artist helps me contribute to our goal! We’re able to save all my money towards retirement. We want to be able to say adios to my husband’s job much earlier than average, so we have the flexibility to serve our church, community, and areas around the world. As much as I love the products, my purpose of being a Maskcara Artist has so much more meaning and purpose.


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My Maskcara Why: Why I love the products and the business!