Basic Exercises for the Traveler

Let’s be real, sticking to an exercise routine as you travel can be tough!! You don’t have your normal gym on hand, you don’t have your personal equipment at your fingertips, and you just lack motivation because you’re on vacay. Whether you’re a full-time traveler like myself or you just like to travel here and there, you can still stick to a simple exercise routine while you travel. Here are some basic exercises for the traveler that will keep you fit, healthy, and happy while you’re on the go!
Basic Exercise Routine

I like to keep things simple. If I complicate things, I’m less likely to stick to an exercise routine. Doing basic strength training exercises will keep me toned and fit while I’m on the go. By just taking 10 minutes each day, all I need is a floor and my body and I can do these simple exercises. The exercises I like to stick to are:
PushupsLeg liftsBent leg liftsAlternating bent leg liftsElbow plankLeft elbow plankRight elbow plankSquatsSquats on my tippy toesLungesCalf liftsTurned in calf lifts
You can do as many reps as you want. Do what you feel is best for you body and what will give you a good workout.

Be Creative
Exercising while you travel isn’t as bad as you think! Be creative! Either exercise in your home or exercise out in nature or on the go. Use the area you’re in to your benefit. If you’re in a city where there’s lots to see and do, opt for walking instead of public transit. I can’t tell you how many miles my family has walked! We would come back from a day of touring and clock in 10 miles of walking for the day! We killed two birds with one stone…win win. If you’re near a beach, take a towel and do some pilates or yoga or strength training near the sea. It’s good for the body and the soul. If you’re in the mountains, go for a hike. If you’re cooped up in a hotel room or Airbnb, then do some strength training exercises, pilates, yoga, Zumba, or HIIT exercises on YouTube. Bust out your phone and find a good exercise video to sweat to and you’re good to go. (My favorite pilates channel is HERE!)

Motivational Tips
You will be so much happier if you take a little time each day to take good care of your body. Even though you may be on vacation, your body still needs some TLC. Make a commitment to dedicate a certain amount of time each day and stick to it. If you do a little exercise, then you won’t feel so guilty when you come across a gelateria and step in for a treat 😉