All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan

I know I know, when you hear the phrase MLM, you cringe right?! I did too. And I still do sometimes. But Maskcara Beauty is a different kind of MLM. Maskcara is redeeming the tarnished phrase. Network marketing is seeing better things with this beauty company. So here are all of your questions answered. This is all you need to know about the Maskcara Compensation plan and you can decide for yourself if it’s as good as I say….

The Maskcara Difference

Maskcara is different. How you ask? Maskcara is doing things differently for their independent artists, for their company, and for their customers. Maskcara takes care of all of the shipping! Independent artists do not need to carry stock and fulfill shipping! This is huge! Say goodbye to wasted inventory and pesky shipping practices. Maskcara takes care of customer service! For real. If you have a customer that is dissatisfied with a product, Maskcara takes care of it! They have an amazing return/exchange policy where you get a reimbursement within 30 days. It’s such great service! They really do care about making sure the customer is always happy.

Each Maskcara Independent Artist has their own personal replicated website where their customers can check out on their own. It’s pretty awesome and pretty convenient! Because of this perk, there is an $11.95 monthly fee. It’s well worth the money! Once you become a Maskcara Artist, there is no minimum sales requirement in order to start making money.

You get 20% commission right away, no matter how little you sell. You have the potential to earn 20-40% commission! So the more you sell, the more you make! And you can grow your team as slow or as fast as you want. You can solely run your business on sales or you can build a team. But if you choose to build a team, you will rank advance and earn more money.

The Maskcara Difference at

Maskcara Compensation

You are heavily rewarded if you choose to build a team, but it’s not the only way you can be successful. Earning 40% commission alone will help you rack in some great dough! But, when you start building your own team, you get a percentage of their sales too. It’s the best kind of residual income you could ask for!

All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan at
All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan at
All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan at

Party Perks

You can run your business only online or do in-person parties or classes. When you host a party/class, your host has some great rewards! But, since I choose to run my business only online, I am the hostess for my online “parties” and I can get some amazing things for free! Maskcara Party Perks are great!

All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan at

Conferences and Retreats

Maskcara offers wonderful training online with weekly webinars and plenty of online curriculum and helps. They hold an annual convention to train, teach, motivate, and build their independent artists up.

They hold an annual rewards trip for those independent artists that perform extra well! It’s a week of fun, relaxing, and pampering (my sister-in-law and I are among them!). They are happy when you succeed and they celebrate with your successes!

Maskcara is redefining the MLM stigma. They treat their artists and customers with the upmost respect. They are generous in their rewards and compensation. They are an amazing company with high moral standards, high quality and beautiful products. They Maskcara compensation plan is awesome! They can’t be beat! You can learn more about how to become a Maskcara Artist HERE. You can read more about joining my team HERE!

All You Need to Know About the Maskcara Compensation Plan at