Essential Toiletry Items Every Traveling Woman Needs

Essential Toiletry Items Every Traveling Woman Needs
When it comes to traveling, all of your time and energy goes into planning the dates, airfare, transportation, accommodations, and excursions. The last thing you want to stress over is what to pack in your toiletry bag. Life should be simple, basic, minimalist. And that’s why I’m going to share what I think are essential toiletry items every traveling woman needs. No need to make it complicated. These are tried and true items that make your traveling life easier. Trust me.
I can’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer! When traveling, you’re around so many extra germs and you want to make sure you have sanitizer at the ready. You don’t want want to spoil your trip with getting sick!
I like to have all of my things organized and in one space to make it easier to pack and tote around as I travel. And this toiletry bag is perfect! It’s compact, but big enough to hold the toiletry essentials. It also comes with a hook so you can hang it up if there isn’t counter space where you’re staying.
It is so important to take good care of your skin as you travel. The climate and element changes can mess with your skin and it’s crucial that you maintain a good skin care routine. This cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is perfect for keeping your skin looking its best!
Oh boy. My hair can do some crazy things as I travel! The humidity, dryness, cold, heat…any of it can get my hair acting up. This Moroccan Oil is oh so good for keeping my hair tame as I travel! It’s my best friend.
With the changing climate, your skin needs to stay moisturized. Sometimes just being on an airplane can get me feeling all dry and itchy. Having a travel size lotion is perfect for keeping your skin happy.
I don’t know about you, but my skin goes crazy when I travel! The extra dirt, sweat, climate change all affect my skin. So it is important for me to keep up on my regular exfoliating when I’m traveling. I notice a big difference when I exfoliate a few times a week. But why would I suggest a huge bottle of exfoliator?? That’s why you should get traveling size bottles to take it along with you =)
TSA requires you to have all of your liquids in a quart sized clear bag for your carryon. This is great for putting all of your wet toiletry items in to make it easy to take out for screening. It’s much better than a disposable ziplock bag.
Man oh man do my lips get chapped when I’m traveling! Having chapstick close by is a must! And this one is top notch and cute.
These bottles are perfect for putting in your favorite exfoliator or shampoo and conditioner. You don’t need to lug around your huge bottles while traveling, so simply pour your favorite products into the bottles and you’re good to go! TSA approved and spill proof. Win win!
These were a last-minute purchase before we left on our world travels and they have become our favorite item! They keep our toothbrushes nice and clean and the suction cup is perfect for hanging up on the bathroom mirror. They’re the best!
It’s always a good idea to have the essentials in your carryon just in case your checked bags get lost. And toothpaste is a must! Make sure to have a travel sized one so it doesn’t get confiscated at security.
And there you have it! The essential toiletry items you need for your next adventure! What are you waiting for?!

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