The Best Makeup for Mature Skin

 The Best Makeup for Mature Skin at

The Best Makeup for Mature Skin


Do you have mature skin? By mature skin, we mean wrinkles, lost elasticity, age spots, sun damage, any signs of aging? Has your skin kind of lost that youthful glow? If so, it can be tough finding the right makeup products to help revive that youthfulness. But we have found it! We know the best makeup for mature skin that you will love!


What to Look For

When you’re looking for a makeup that works well with mature skin, you want to look for a product that has great coverage, that can bring out your beautiful features instead of hide them, that moves with your skin instead of sits on its surface. And Maskcara 3D foundation is all of those things!



What is Maskcara Makeup?

If you have mature skin, then you will love Maskcara makeup! It is a cream foundation that slides on the skin. When you get the right color, it should really look like a second skin! It will melt into your face nicely and move when you move. It will melt into your wrinkles, it will cover your age and sun spots, it will enhance your cheekbones and jawline and give you the femininity that you’re looking for!



What to Wear

Maskcara makeup comes with 4 foundation colors. You place them right where you want them. Your highlight is your regular skin color, your contour is the dark ashy shade that will help give your face shadow and dimension, the blush color is perfect for adding a little flush to your face, and the illuminator is great for giving your skin a beautiful glow!

The Best Makeup for Mature Skin at


Now, since you have mature skin, your skin has been through a lot. You may have dark circles under our eyes, you may have sun or age spots, you may have redness, you may have veins…and that’s ok….we all have imperfections! So, you might want to invest in a few highlight colors so you can help color correct those blemishes.  Here’s a chart that can help you choose the right color correcting foundation for your needs.


The Best Makeup for Mature Skin at


The Best Tools to Use

Just like a painter needs paintbrushes to create a masterpiece, you also need the right tools to create your flawless makeup look! The best tools for applying makeup on mature skin are there:

Buffy Brush: This is the perfect brush for applying your highlight & contour! Use the bigger side for applying your highlight and the smaller end for applying your contour. You want to apply the cream foundation in a stippling motion so it goes onto your skin nicely.

B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush: You won’t find a better brush for applying bronzer and blush! It’s so soft and is the perfect way to apply these colors flawlessly.

The Best Blend Forever Brush: You can use this brush either for detail highlight & contour and applying your powder illuminator. You will love it!

The I Shadow Everything Brush: This eyeshadow brush is everything! It’s perfect for applying eyeshadow and blending it out on your mature skin.

Hotline Brush: This brush is perfect for helping you define your brows! Simply use an eyeshadow shade or contour shade and use this brush to help fill in those beautiful brows so you can finish your look off!

Perfector Sponge: The key to applying flawless makeup is blending! And this sponge will become your best friend! It will help melt your makeup into your face so your makeup will move when you move.

The Best Makeup for Mature Skin at


And there you have it! The best makeup and tools for mature skin that will help you look and feel extra beautiful!


If you have questions about what colors would work best on your skin, then email us a selfie so we can help! Simply find a window with natural lighting, face it, take a few steps back, snap a picture of your makeup-free face, and email it to us HERE! We are always happy to help you choose the colors that will best complement your look, answer any beauty questions, and be your personal beauty consultants.


You can learn more about Maskcara makeup brushes HERE!


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