Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator

Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator with

Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator


Every woman needs a little illuminator in her life to help her glow, to help her glisten! There are lots of options out there, but what the difference between cream illuminator versus powder illuminator? Well, we’ll tell ya!


What is Illuminator?

First off, what is illuminator?? Illuminator is a makeup product that “illuminates” your face. It helps it glow and glisten, but in a youthful & subtle way. Not in a little girl sparkle kind of way. Illuminator will help your skin shine just right when the sun hits your face. It’s the perfect touch to add to you face for some femininity.


Cream Illuminator

There are 2 kinds of illuminator, cream and powder. With cream illuminator, you get a more subtle natural glow. It’s easiest to apply with your fingers so you can apply it exactly where you want and rub it into the skin just right.

Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator with

Powder Illuminator

Powder illuminator creates more of a pop! It shows up on your face better because it sits on the skin. It’s best if you apply it with a brush. The Best Blend Forever Brush is our fave!! If you have oily skin, a powder illuminator is the better way to go for you. But anyone can wear either cream or powder. It’s just a matter of preference and the look you’re going for!


Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator with


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Where to Apply Illuminator

Now that you know the difference between the two kinds of illuminators, where should you apply it?? You want to bring light and brightness to your face. So apply it on top of your cheekbones, just below your brows, on the bow your lip, and even on the fullest part of your lip! You can even wear illuminator as eyeshadow! There are so many options! And each way will add a pretty glow to your face.


There are lots of different shades of illuminators…all of them are subtle and pretty. So it’s up to you which you prefer! Our personal faves are Pearl & Angel Cream Illuminators and Photoshop Powder Illuminator! You can shop them all HERE!


You can learn more about Maskcara makeup brushes HERE!


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Cream Illuminator Versus Powder Illuminator with