How to Shop Smartly

There are a few types of shoppers. Shoppers that use shopping as a past time, a hobby. There are shoppers that love a bargain and get a rush on a good deal. There are shoppers that get in and get out because they can’t stand to be in a store longer than necessary. And there are shoppers that don’t know what to buy and leave empty handed because they’re too overwhelmed. No matter what kind of shopper you are, I bet you can learn a thing or two on how to shop smartly.

Take Inventory of Your Closet

Before you even step foot in a store, you must take inventory of your closet. Open up those closet doors and go through your clothes, one by one. Look at what you have. Look at the colors you like to wear. Look at what you need. If you really want to do it right, then you should completely clean out your closet. You can learn how HERE!

Take a List

Now that you’ve gone through your closet, make a list of what you want and need. What is your closet lacking? What pieces do you want? Put those answers on your list and bring it shopping with you! Shop with a purpose. Know what you need to shop for before you even step foot in that store. If you don’t bring a list, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed or shopping mindlessly or wasting money. And none of those things are good options!

Ask Yourself Questions

Ok, now that you’re in the store, with your list, and you have a few pieces in your hands to try on, you need to start asking yourself some questions. Do you need it? Is it versatile? Can it be worn in many ways? Is it good quality?Do you just want it because it’s a great deal or on sale? Do you feel beautiful and confident in it?

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If you can honestly answer those questions and you feel like it’s worth the investment and space it will take up in your closet, then you can get it!

Building a smart closet is all about putting smart pieces in it. Pieces that are versatile, great quality, and pieces that you love. Shopping smartly is all about being prepared and going with a plan. It’s all about doing your homework beforehand so you can shop efficiently and not waste your time and money. Now take these principles and go shop smartly! If you’re interested in a virtual closet clean out to help you in simplifying your wardrobe and building a smart closet, then visit HERE!

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