Discovering Your Gifts and Talents

We live in a world where we are constantly told that we’re not good enough. We’re not pretty enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not healthy enough, we’re not talented enough. No wonder why we’ve lost self confidence in who we are and who we can become. I want to change that. I want to help women understand their individual worth so they can reach their potential. I want women to see their beauty…their inner beauty and their outer beauty. I believe that when we feel beautiful and confident, we act beautiful and confident. And by acting beautiful, we are helping build stronger families, communities, and relationships. We need more confident women in our world. We need more women who know who they are, appreciate who they are, and are proud of who they are. When you recognize your strengths, you can gain more confidence. By focusing on and discovering your gifts and talents, you can feel more beautiful and serve others.
How Do You Discover What You’re Good At?
First off, what is a gift or talent or skill? They are something that you were either born just naturally good at or something that you have learned and cultivated over the years to be good at.
You may think it’s hard at first to pin point something you’re good at…but I bet if you think long enough, you can come up with a list! Think about the things that you like doing and that make you happy. Are you good at cooking, cleaning, makeup, hair, knitting, sewing, drawing, painting, nails, organizing, leading, reading, laundry, sports, running, bargain shopping, cycling, typing, writing, journaling, family history, babysitting, entertaining, blogging, gardening, healthy eating, photography….??? There is bound to be something that you like doing and that you’re good at!

Focus on Your Gifts and Talents
When you can discover what your gifts or talents or skills are, you can fall back on those strengths when you’re having a bad day. When you’re feeling down on yourself because Sally is so amazing at something, you can look at the things that you do well and have confidence in yourself. You don’t have to put yourself down just because someone else does something better than you. You can do awesome things too and be happy that we are all different!
By focusing on what you do well, you can be happy with your strengths. Or if you want to learn how to do something better, then focus on that! Try to nurture and cultivate a skill or talent and get better at it. There is no need to compare what you can or can’t do and what Sally can or can’t do. Focus on what makes you happy and what you’re good it!

How Can You Make a Difference?
Once you have discovered and acknowledged what you’re good at, you can use your talents to serve others! There’s no sense in keeping those skills to yourself. The best way to perk yourself up is to serve others and what better way than to use your gifts while doing it?!
If you’re a great baker, then bake your friend that’s having a bad day some bread. If you’re really great with children, then offer to watch your busy friend’s kids so she can have a break. If you’re awesome with hair, then offer to make the teenage girl’s hair all pretty for Prom. If you’re a super organizer, then help your sister clean out her closet. See how many options there are for putting your strengths to good use?! When you not only focus on your strengths but then use those strengths to serve others, you are making a difference in your circle. You are making a difference in your family and community. And that’s the most beautiful thing!

So the next time you’re feeling down on yourself because Sally is soooo good at everything, you stop and think of what you’re good at. And then you get to work focusing on that and using your gifts and talents to serve others. Because that makes the most beautiful you!