Maskcara Color Match

So you’ve heard of Maskcara and you want to learn more! You’ve looked at the makeup and really want some. Like really want it. But you’re not quite sure how to choose what colors will work best on your beautiful skin! Don’t worry girl, I got you! I will show you the correct way to do a Maskcara Color Match online so you can find your colors from the comfort of your home!
Take the Color Match Quiz!
We all appreciate the convenience of shopping online. We all have busy lives and it’s hard to get to a party or to someone’s home to get an in-person color match. So, my sister-in-law, Michelle, and I have created a Color Match Quiz that you can take in the convenience of your home! All you have to do is click HERE and take the quick quiz.
Now, this quiz is not completely fool proof. It’s designed to help you determine if you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone. Maskcara contour colors look better with different skin tones and this quiz will help you figure that out. But, after taking the quiz, if you still feel confused or need a little help, we can help you! You just need to snap a selfie of your beautiful face and send it our way!

Take a Selfie the Right Way!
Taking a selfie sounds simple, right?? Wrong! You would be surprised at how many selfies we get that just aren’t the right lighting so it makes it really tough to get the right color match. But if you follow these steps, it’s easy peasy and accurate.
Take your makeup off (you can leave your eye makeup on, but you need to be foundation and blush free)During daytime, find a window in your home.Stand facing the window.Now take a few steps back.Snap a selfie!
You want to have natural lighting, but not direct lighting. By facing an open window and taking a few steps back, this will allow a nice natural light to be on your face. And this will help us see your natural skin color so we can properly color match you!

This is the proper way to take and send a selfie for me to color match you:

Email Me!
Now, take that pretty selfie and email me HERE! I will do our best to color match you from your picture. The really great thing about Maskcara Beauty is that they have an amazing return policy! So if you get your colors wrong or you’re just not loving how the colors are looking on you, you can return or exchange within 30 days. All you have to do is pay a minimal return shipping fee.
If you have questions about blush colors or eyeshadow colors, I’m also happy to help! I love handpicking colors that will complement your beauty. As an esthetician and makeup artist, I am on call to give you any beauty advice that you need. All you have to do is email me and ask away!
Once you choose your Maskcara colors, you can shop HERE! The website is easy to navigate and you can plop products in your cart to your heart’s content! Shipping is always free so shop as often as you want! And you can get free compacts when you order a certain amount of singles. It’s the best!
Now, what are you waiting for??! Get out there and take our quiz and send me a selfie. We want to help you enhance your beauty and we’re ready when you are!