The Best Workout Clothes to Pack When Traveling

When you’re traveling, you most likely have limited luggage space. As a full-time world traveler, I definitely have limited space!! So, I need to be really strategic in what I pack. Here are the best workout clothes to pack when traveling that I think you will love too!
When I’m packing my suitcase, I make sure that what I pack has multiple uses. For instance, can I wear my shoes with more than one outfit? Can I wear a shirt with different bottoms? I ask myself these questions so I can use pieces in more than one way and get more bang for more buck, or more use of my space.

I like to wear things that are loose and flattering, easy to fold, and cute to wear. When I found these boyfriend tees from Senita, it was love at first sight! I loved them so much that I bought 3 different colors! What I like most about these shirts are that they aren’t just for working out. I throw them on for everyday wear too! I can wear them with skirts, shorts, or pants and tuck them in, tie them up, or let them hang. They are made of fabric that dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle too much, and is comfy to wear. Win win win!

Good quality and cute exercise bottoms are hard to come by. How many times are you in the middle of a squat and your pants are falling down?? Not with these! Senita’s bottoms are so great for staying up, no tugging needed. They have pockets for keys & phones and are cute! I can mix and match my bottoms with different tops to get different looks. When you have a few staple pieces, you can get so many different looks.
My absolute favorite leggings to wear are THESE! Seriously, they are oh so good! I not only wear them for exercise, but also for lounging, sleeping, and out and about. They’re so easy to dress up or dress down and they are so so comfortable! They are such a versatile piece that I could not live without!

I make sure that my exercise footwear is fashionable as well as comfy. I chose to get something that I can wear working out or out exploring. I can wear these classic Nikes with dresses, shorts, pants, and everything in between! They are a great staple to have when I’m traveling. A great airport tip is to wear your biggest shoes on the plane so you have more luggage space. So these are my go-to airport shoes and they’re nice and comfy….and cute!
Socks aren’t that exciting. But, it’s important to have good quality ones so they last long. Enter Darn Tough socks! These are amazing! With their lifetime warranty, you can wear them til they die and then send them back and get a new pair! They’re great quality, comfy, and cute. I don’t buy anything else anymore because they’re that good!

And there you have it! Those are my favorite workout clothes to pack when traveling. It’s so important to be a smart packer. Make sure to pick things that you can mix and match, are stylish, and comfy and you’ll be good to go!