How to Get Maskcara Free Compacts

How to Get Maskcara Free Compacts

How to get Maskcara Free Compacts 


Who doesn’t love free products?! As if Maskcara makeup alone wasn’t good enough, did you know that you can also get free products? Here’s how to get Maskcara free compacts with your purchase!


Free Compacts

How do you get a free compact??? It’s so easy! Every time you purchase at least 4 makeup singles at a time, you qualify for a free compact! The more singles you get, the larger free compact you’ll receive!

Just add the makeup you want into your cart. You’ll be prompted at checkout to choose your style and size compact you want. It’s easy peasy! And who doesn’t love free?!

How to Get Maskcara Free Compacts

Customizable Compacts

All of Maskcara’s makeup is customizable. You purchase individual makeup tins (highlight foundation, contour, lip & cheek, illuminator, eyeshadows, eyeliner, lip conditioner, and solid perfume) and place them into your custom compact. You can mix and match, move around, and replace as needed. It’s the best! You save money, you save time, and you create a palette exactly how you want it.

Say goodbye to unused products in prebuilt palettes and say hello to a palette that’s created just how you like it! If you need help figuring out what colors would look great on you, I’m happy to help! Fill out my form HERE and send me a selfie HERE. Telling me your needs and preferences will help me better help you!


How to Get Maskcara Free Compacts

Styles and Size

Depending on how many makeup tins you purchase will depend on what size compact you get for free. You can also purchase any size and style Maskcara compact whenever you want. Compacts range in size from the smallest square compact that holds 4 eyeshadows or 4 foundation singles to the triple layer artist palette for the major makeup lover that holds TONS! You can shop all the compacts HERE.

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You can read more about Maskcara compacts HERE.


How to Get Maskcara Free Compacts