Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Sale Intentionally

I’m like most women and I love a good sale! But, I’ve changed over the years and have learned to shop a good sale smartly. I no longer purchase something because it’s a good deal, but I purchase something because it’s deserves a spot in my closet. And I take that same approach when shopping any fun sale like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Here are some tips for shopping the Nordstrom Sale intentionally so you don’t waste your time or money!

Sales are great, but they can also lure you in! It’s easy to get suckered by a sale and spend way too much money or buy things you don’t need because it’s hard to pass up the great price! But, you need to practice some self control and stick to these tips before you go shopping so you go in with a game plan and strategy.

Go Through Your Closet

You must (MUST) first take some time to go through your closet before you go shopping. You need to know what you have in your closet before you put more stuff in it! You don’t want to go shopping and buy something very similar to what you already have. You also don’t want to go shopping and buy something that goes with absolutely nothing in your closet.

Do some homework first so you know what gaps you need to fill in your closet. What are you lacking? What do you need to replace? What do you want to spruce up your style a little? Do a little research first.

Make a List 

Once you take time to go through your closet, make a list! I have such a horrible memory that if I don’t write it down, I’ll totally forget what I needed to get! Make a list as you go through your closet and take note of what you need and want. What color, size, style are you looking for? Write it down and refer back to it when you’re shopping.

Pick a Color Scheme 

A smart closet has a good color scheme. There are colors that look better on you than others. Women are either cool, warm, or neutral skin toned so certain colors bring out your best features. If you need help figuring out what colors look great on you, then you can check out my eBook HERE.

When shopping, stick to a color scheme so you can build a closet that goes well together. You want to be able to create lots of different looks with the pieces in your closet and you can do that by having colors that coordinate and complement each other.

An easy way to figure out a good color scheme is to head to Pinterest! Type in the search bar: “warm color palette wardrobe” or “cool color palette wardrobe” or some variations to that and you’ll see lots of great pre-built palettes for you! Pin color combos you like and look for those colors as you shop.

Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Sale Intentionally

Invest in High Quality Pieces 

The Nordstrom Sale is a great time to invest in high quality pieces. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more money on clothing, shoes, or accessories that will last you for years! Leather purses, nice boots or shoes, outerwear, jeans…these are all great pieces that you will wear and use over and over for years to come. Take advantage of the sale prices and buy items that will work hard for you!

Invest in Versatile Pieces

I have a rule when I go shopping that I don’t buy anything unless I can envision wearing it in at least 3 different ways! I don’t want a closet full of clutter and one time wear-ers. I want a closet that I can mix and match my tops and bottoms and shoes and outerwear to get lots of different looks. When shopping, make sure you’ll be able to pair it with other pieces in your closet. Be a smart and intentional shopper!

Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Sale Intentionally

Use these tips for shopping the Nordstrom Sale intentionally. You’ll come away feeling so much more in control and satisfied with your purchases instead of the rush and regret of buying all the things without a strategy. Don’t be suckered by a sale….get it because you need it and not because it’s just on sale! Be strong…you can do it!

Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Sale Intentionally

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