How to Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning and organizing your spaces can be a bit overwhelming! But once it’s done, it is so refreshing! Whether you’re just doing a quick closet clean-out or a full-on overhaul, these simple steps can help you in your pursuit to purge. Here are some basic tips on how to clean out your closet so you can live more simply and organized.

Make a Mess

When you first open your closet door, you may be disgusted. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate over time! But that’s ok, we’re not focusing on the bad, we’re focusing on becoming better. So, the first thing you need to do when you clean out your closet is make a big mess. An even bigger mess than it already is. You heard that right. Take everything out of your closet. All of it. From your shoes, to your hanging clothes, to your folded clothes, to your accessories. Take it all out. And then you’ll slowly put the things back in that you want to keep.

Ask Questions

Once you make that big ol’ mess, go one by one through each item. Pick it up in your hand and honestly ask yourself these questions: Do you love the way you look in it? (whether it’s shoes, pants, a skirt, shirt, dress, sweater, accessory…do you love the way it looks on you?Does it fit? Is it flattering?Is it in good condition? Does it have a hole or tear in it? Is it pilling? Is it fading? Is it stretched out? Do you feel confident and beautiful when you wear it? Can you wear it with more than one thing, in more than one way?

Make 3 Piles

When you pick up an item and ask yourself those questions, put it in one of three piles: Keep, Maybe, Toss. Here’s how you can divide them up: KEEP If you love the way it looks on you. If it fits and it’s flattering on you. If it’s in good condition and doesn’t have any problems with it. If you feel confident and beautiful in it. If you can wear it with more than one thing, in more than one way. MAYBE If you like it. If it’s versatile. TOSS (donate or throw away) If you don’t love it or like it. If you never wear it. If you haven’t worn it in a year or longer! If it doesn’t fit. (even if you think you’re going to lose that weight someday) If it has holes, tears, or problems with it. If you do not feel confident in it. If it’s not flattering. If you have doubles or triples of it! If it’s not versatile. Once you have your clothes all divided up into those piles, go through each item in your Like pile and be honest. Do you really need it? Do you really want it in your closet? If yes, then add it to your Love pile. If no, then add it to your Toss pile. Bag up your Toss pile and either donate the items or throw them away. It will feel so good to purge and get rid of them! Now that you’re left with only one pile, start putting the pieces back in your closet!

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What’s the best way to organize your closet? It’s totally up to you! You can organize your clothes and shoes by color, by item type, by casual versus fancy, you can hang or fold…it’s your choice! These are some great items that can help you fit your clothes in nicely and keep everything organized:


Storage pouches

Hanging shelves

Storage rack

Scarf of belt rack

Shoe Rack

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You want to fill your closet with pieces that are versatile, stylish, staple pieces, and items that make you feel confident and beautiful. There’s no sense having a closet filled with clothes that don’t get used or that leave you feeling subpar. It’s much better to have a closet that is less full with items that you love. Keep that in mind when you shop. Don’t fill your closet back up with ok items. If you want tips on how to shop smartly and strategically, read that HERE!

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