Must Have Makeup for Minimalists

Whether you’re a gal searching to simplify or consider yourself a true minimalist, then you need this makeup in your life! Someone on the journey to simplification appreciates products that are versatile, compact, and high quality. And that goes for all aspects of your life…including makeup. Here is the must have makeup for minimalists that ticks all of those boxes.


Maskcara is perfect the perfect makeup for minimalists because it is the most versatile makeup on the market! Maskcara is a iiiD cream foundation that helps enhance a woman’s natural beautiful features without putting layer and layer on your face. It consists of highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator. But the awesome thing about this makeup is that the cream foundations are multi-purpose. You can use the highlight for concealer, foundation, eyeshadow primer, and a brightener. You can use the contour for contour, defining your brows, lip liner, eyeliner, or eyeshadow. You can use the blush for blush, lip stick, eyeshadow, or color correcting. You can use illuminator for illuminator, eyeshadow, or lipstick. The options are endless! The eyeshadows are even a creamy powder, so you can also use them as illuminators, blush, or brow color. So cool, right?!

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Not only is Maskcara’s makeup versatile, but their makeup brushes are versatile too! Each brush is double sided! This allows you to get more bang for your buck and save on space. There’s no need to have 20 makeup brushes. Collect a few and you are good to go!

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Maskcara makeup is compact and streamlined! How many times have you bought eyeshadow palettes and ended up using only a few of the colors? And then the rest of the big palette goes to waste? Not only are you wasting money, but you’re wasting that precious space on products that you don’t use. Don’t clutter your drawers with unneeded products. Maskcara allows you to personalize and customize your makeup palettes for exactly what you need. All of the makeup singles are in metal tins and the compacts are magnetized so you can mix and match and move around your colors to your liking. Are you a simple girl and only need a few colors? Maskcara has the perfect size compact for you! Are you a makeup lover and want all the colors? Then Maskcara has the perfect size compact for you! This clutch is my absolute fave! It holds my brushes, makeup, and wallet essentials! You can’t get more minimal than that! I love how simple and compact this makeup is!

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High Quality

If you want to simplify your life, you should invest in high quality products. Investing in top notch items will ensure that you’re not cluttering your space with a bunch of products that will break, last briefly, or leave you unsatisfied. Maskcara makeup products and tools are high quality! They are made from great ingredients and materials that will be sure to keep you satisfied and last a long time. And, they are priced at such an affordable price point!

Just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beauty routine. This makeup is the best makeup for minimalists and will help you look and feel your best while you continue to live your minimalist lifestyle.

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