How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

You know you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes regularly, but are you stumped on how to do it? Sometimes we get paralyzed when there are too many options out there so it’s nice to see some simple ways on how to do it. Let me show you 3 simple ways to clean your makeup brushes at home…it’s really not hard!
First off, why do we even need to clean our makeup brushes?? Our brushes gather product and harbor germs. We do not want that spreading all over our face! If we use dirty tools, then our skin will breakout. Also, when our brushes are full of old makeup product, it’s harder to apply the new makeup. Your morning routine will go so much smoother and your makeup application will be much more effective if you have clean brushes.
How Often?
How often should you clean your makeup brushes? A good rule is to shoot for at least once a week. Since the Maskcara foundation singles are cream based, product builds up really fast so it might be necessary to do it more often. But when using powder makeup, the product doesn’t cling to the bristle as much. You should definitely, definitely wash your brushes after each use if you’re sharing your brushes.
Now let’s get to the how to clean your brushes! Here are 3 simple ways to clean your makeup brushes, there are plenty more ideas out there, but these are easy ones you can do in your home today!
Wash your brushes with a gentle shampoo, body wash, or homemade brush cleaner. With warm water running, take your dirty makeup brush and squirt some soap into the palm of your hand. Add a little bit of water into the palm of your hand and gently swirl the bristles of the brush in a circular motion. Continue swirling and rinsing away the dirty water until the water runs clear. You want to make sure to only wet the bristles and not the ferrule (the metal portion connected to the handle). If water gets into the ferrule, it can break down the glue and weaken the bristles. Be gentle! Once the bristles are clean, carefully squeeze them out and lay the brush flat to dry.

Take a gentle bar of soap (one that is reserved only for your brush cleaning and not for bathing so you don’t spread germs). With running warm water, take the bar of soap and lightly brush the bristles back and forth. Now swirl the bristles in circular motions in the palm of your hand until the soap and product has all been removed. Rinse as necessary. Squeeze the bristles of any excess water and lay flat to dry.

With a brush cleaning solution squirt some liquid onto the bristles or directly onto a paper towel. Take the brush and gently rub the bristles back and forth until they are clean.
Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Hopefully those steps were simple enough that you will feel confident and commit to cleaning your makeup brushes more often! Good luck!
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