New Mom Before and After

New Mom Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

New Mom Before and After

Meet Helen! She’s a mom to 3 beautiful girls. She just had her third girl a few weeks ago…at home and totally not planned that way! She’s a rockstar! Being a mom of a newborn leaves you feeling extra tired and with little time to think about yourself as you’re constantly nursing, changing diapers, cleaning, cooking, and chasing after your other littles. Mom life is not glamorous but it is definitely rewarding! I wanted to give Helen a quick and easy look that she can easily do to make herself look beautiful on the outside, because she certainly is a beauty on the inside! Here’s a new mom before and after look…

Helen was blessed with pretty freckles and we didn’t want to cover up that natural beauty. So I used a light hand and focused the highlight mainly under her eyes to cover up the sleepless nights. Her freckles still shine through beautifully! I used olive as her contour because it is such a versatile contour color! It brought out her cheekbones nicely and gave her some good shape to her face. Pink Grapefruit is also a great versatile color and brought a nice flush to her cheeks. She has pretty blue eyes so I went with some brown eyeshadow colors to bring out those blues. A thin coat of mascara gave her some natural looking black lashes. By using a light brown eyeshadow color and the Multitasker Brush, I filled in her brows to give them more definition and to help frame her face. We topped the look off with a light color on her lips and she was done!

This is a great natural look that gave this new mom a fresh & easy pick me up. This makeup is so versatile and can be applied lightly or heavily…depending on the look you want!

New Mom Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

Products Used

Highlight: sunlit

Contour: olive

Blush: pink grapefruit

Illuminator: illuminator

Eyeshadow: bubba, bright eyes, sabrina

Brows: oak

Lips: dessert sunset

30 Second HAC Brush

I Shadow Everything Brush

Multitasker Brush

IIID Perfector Sponge

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