How to Dress Your Body Shape

Stores and brands are full of trends! They want you to buy what’s in season and what will sell! They don’t care if you look your best, they just want your business! But’s it’s important to know what looks the most flattering on your figure. Here’s how to dress your body shape so you feel and look confident!

Dress your Body Shape

Why It’s Important to Know Your Body Shape

We are all created in different shapes and sizes. We range from small to tall, thin to thick, straight to curvy and anything and everything in between! There is no one perfect body type and shape! And we can’t change the way we’re made. It’s important to embrace what we were born with and learn to love our bodies!

Because we can’t change our physique, we need to learn how we are built. What are our measurements? What shape is our body? Knowing these things will help us dress more strategically. Knowing what shape our body is will help us dress in a way that we look and feel our best!

How to Know What Body Shape You Are

Knowing your body shape will help you learn how to dress for it because there is definitely a strategy in dressing smartly! You want to balance out your features and flatter certain physical traits. Every woman was blessed with beautiful and unique features. It’s just a matter of understanding our shape and features so we can dress in the most complimentary way. There are 5 main body shapes:






This is all great information, but it doesn’t do any good if we don’t dig a little deeper! How do you determine what body shape you have? It’s simple! You need to take some time and measure yourself. Gather the measurements for your bust, waist, and hips.


You’ll need a flexible fabric or plastic tape measure and a mirror to help you see yourself if you’re measuring on your own. You can also use a string and then match it with a straight ruler if you don’t have a tape measure. Your measurements should be recorded neither cinched too tight or with any slack–accuracy will help you to feel beautiful in your clothes. It isn’t size that matters, it’s the fit! You can record it in inches or centimeters, just be consistent with your other measurements. Record measurements for these parts:

Bust- Wearing a bra, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it completely around the fullest part of your bust and back. Make sure the measuring tape is level all the way around to get an accurate measurement. Record your measurement where the tape meets the beginning. 

Waist- Either wear a tight fitting shirt or measure directly on your bare skin. Place the flexible measuring tape above your hip bone, near your belly button. Wrap it around your front and back. This should be loose enough that you can easily breathe, but without any slack in the tape. Record your measurement where the tape meets the beginning. 

Hips- To get the most accurate measurement, wear very tight bottoms or just your underwear. Wrap the tape measure completely around the fullest part of your bum and hips. Record your measurement where the tape meets the beginning. 

Keep note of your measurements somewhere that is handy for you. I have a note section on my phone that I can quickly refer to when I’m shopping. 

Now that you’ve recorded the measurements for your bust, waist, and hips, it’s time to figure out what body shape you have. 

You can visually tell your shape by the seeing the following:

HOURGLASS- Your bust and hips appear similar in size and your waist is noticeably smaller. You are balanced out. 

TRIANGLE- Your lower half (hips, bum, thighs) are noticeably larger than your upper half.

RECTANGLE- Your bust, waist, and hips are similar in size and don’t have a lot of curve. 

INVERTED TRIANGLE- Your upper body (shoulders and bust) appear wider in size than your lower half. 

CIRCLE- Your bust, waist, and hips are similar in size, with your hips being the widest part. You appear curvy. 

How to Dress Your Body Shape

Now that you have a better understanding of what body shape you are, it’s time to learn the best shapes and styles of clothing that will flatter your figure the best. So many women came to me frustrated with knowing what to buy and what they look great in. I created a simple guide that helps you figure out what body shape you are and how to best dress for it! You can find the Body Shape Style Guide HERE.

Are you tired of not knowing what to buy? Are you tired of buying something and trying it on at home to look blah? Are you tired of wasting money on clothes that just don’t fit or flatter??! I felt the same way!

Because I’m tall and have extra-long legs, I was tired of wasting time and money on pants that were not fitting right. I was tired of buying dresses that were too short. I was tired of buying shirts that made my body look off-balanced. But when I figured out what my body type was and how to dress for my shape, I was able to take the overwhelm and frustration out of shopping!

Knowledge is power! Investing in time and money to learn my body shape helped me save money and time in the long run! A little investment in yourself can result in a BIG impact!

Knowing how to dress your body shape gives you so much power and freedom to dress better! Most women have no idea what body shape which causes them to not know how to dress the best. Let’s get rid of the frustration when it comes to shopping. Let’s stop wasting time and money on clothes that don’t look great on our body shape!

If you want to learn more about how to dress your body shape, then make the small investment in this guide HERE to learn more. It will be a gamer changer.

You can learn more about the Body Shape Style Guide HERE.

You can learn about the Color Match Closet Guide HERE.

Dress your Body Shape