Seint Makeup Brushes

Seint Makeup Brushes

Seint Makeup Brushes


Having the right tools is key to having a good makeup application! Just like an artist needs her paintbrushes to complete a masterpiece, you need your makeup brushes to apply your makeup in the best way! There are a lot of makeup brushes on the market, from super cheap to extremely expensive. I’ve tried a lot of makeup brushes and I believe the best around are the Seint makeup brushes! Let me tell you why…


Seint Makeup Brushes are Double Sided

The best thing about these brushes are that they are double sided! You get two brushes in one! That means that you have to collect less brushes and have less bulk in your makeup bag but still get all the great use out of the brushes you really need!

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Seint Makeup Brushes are Versatile

Not only are the brushes double sided, but they are versatile! They can be used in so many different ways! Yes, the famous HAC brushes are intended for flawlessly applying your highlight and contour, but they can also be used for applying blush, illuminator, or eyeshadow! The Multitasker brush is one of my faves because you can apply your eyeliner, define your brows, apply eyeshadow, line your lips, apply your lip color…so many uses!  You can see it in action HERE. It’s just a matter of preference for each brush. Do whatever feels good to you because there is no right or wrong way to use the brushes!

Seint Makeup Brushes are Pretty

Oh my. Have you seen these brushes?? They are pretty! They are classy. They are beautiful! You will want to do your makeup in the morning because you get to see their sleek silver & gold design. You can leave them out on your counter as décor because they’re so gorgeous!

Seint Makeup Brushes

Seint Makeup Brushes are Affordable

Usually, a good makeup brush will cost you an arm and a leg. Not with these! Seint brushes are affordable. The brushes range from $13-$36. There is no excuse you shouldn’t add the Eyeshadow Brush to your makeup bag because it is inexpensive and will really help in your eyeshadow application! And add the others too while you’re at it! Shop them HERE.


Seint Makeup Brushes are High Quality

These brushes are high quality, top notch, out of this world. When you take good care of them, they will be your best friend and last for years! With high quality brushes, it’s best to nurture them…so make sure to use the Makeup Brush Cleanser weekly to keep them at their best!

Oh, there are so many good things about Seint makeup brushes! They really are the best around! From powder to cream, Seint has you covered! They’re my favorites!

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Seint Makeup Brushes