How to Style a Black Cardigan Different Ways

If you’re tired of wasting money on clothes that fall apart and go out of style quickly, then it’s time to build a better and more intentional closet! It’s time to start investing in pieces that are high quality and versatile so your clothes will work hard for you! One of my favorite versatile pieces is a cardigan. Here’s how to style a black cardigan different ways…

A Versatile Piece

What does versatile mean in style? Something that is versatile can be worn in multiple ways. You can pair it with different tops or different bottoms to get different looks. You don’t want to have pieces in your closet that can only be worn in one way because then you will have a closet full of clutter! 

An intentional closet takes thought and self-control. You need to stop buying all the pretty things and stay focused on buying things that can be worn with your other clothes in your closet. Before you buy something, stop and ask yourself if you can wear that item with other pieces in your closet. Does it have a similar color scheme or style to be worn with other things you own? My rule is that in order for something to earn a spot in my closet, I must be able to wear it in at least 3-5 different ways! This way I can make sure I’m not adding clutter to my closet. 

Different Ways to Wear a Cardigan

A cardi can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers. It can be worn in the summer on a cool night or layered with other pieces in the fall or winter. When you add a piece in your closet, make sure you can wear it in different ways. You want that flexibility and possibilities! You want a smart and intentional closet!

How to Style a Cardigan

Here’s how to style a black cardigan different ways…the options are endless!

How to Style a Black Cardigan Different Ways

The next time you go shopping in a store or online, stop and think before you purchase! Invest in pieces that you love, that are versatile, that are high quality, and that can be worn in multiple ways. You will have a closet that you love and that will work hard for you!

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How to Style a Black Cardigan Different Ways

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