How to Use the Seint Palette Builder

How to Use the Seint Palette Builder

How to Use the Seint Palette Builder

Are you tired of digging around you cluttered makeup bag, wasting time rummaging through your stuff for the product you’re looking for?? Does your makeup take up too much space? Then you need to declutter your makeup and create a custom compact that has everything you need at your fingertips!! Here’s how to use the Seint Palette Builder so you can save space and time in your beauty routine!


What is Seint Makeup?

First off, what is Seint makeup?? You can read more about it HERE. But in a nutshell, Seint beauty products are a revolutionary way to do your makeup! Seint embraces the natural shadows and curves of a woman’s face. Normal foundation presents a flat and lifeless look which is not flattering! Applying foundation all over your face in one color gets rid of the shape and dimensions of our beautiful faces. Seint makeup adds the shadows and shape back in!

With 4 different foundation colors (highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator) you get a youthful glow instead of a cakey flat look. Each color provides coverage and is applied in just one layer instead of layer on top of layer. Seint makeup is cream which allows it to literally melt into your face giving it a more natural appearance.

The makeup is amazing, but the customized compact is even better! You can completely customize your magnetic compact to exactly what you want and need for your beauty routine. You can add your highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, bronzer, powder, eyeshadow, brow color, lipstick, eyeliner, lip liner, and concealer in your compact. Everything fits at your fingertips! The compacts are magnetic and the makeup singles are tin so you can mix and match, move around, and replace as needed! You save space, money, and time!


How to Get Color Matched

It sounds awesome, right?! But how do you know what colors to order? What makeup products will look great on you?? To get a simple overall suggestion, you can take the really quick Color Match Quiz HERE. But if you want a more personalized recommendation on what colors and products will work well for you, then email me HERE with a selfie of you beautiful face. To get the most accurate recommendation, it’s important to see a picture in natural lighting. Please follow these directions:

  • Find a window with natural lighting
  • Face it
  • Take a few steps back
  • Snap a picture of your makeup-free face and neck
  • Email it to me!

Color Match Tips

How to Use the Seint Palette Builder

Now, if you want to build your custom palette, then you can use the Seint palette builder! Here’s how to create your perfect palette:

  • Go HERE
  • Click on SHOP
  • You can choose what size and design for your custom compact
  • Then, under the ADD ITEMS section, scroll through each makeup option and add what you want: highlight, contour, lip & cheek, illuminator, powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow wax lip conditioner, and perfume)
  • Click the + sign and add whatever color and product you want.
  • It will appear in your palette at the top of the page
  • When you’re finished adding what you want, then click ADD ITEMS TO BAG and your filled palette will be added to your cart for checkout.
  • You can add any other items before completely checking out (like brushes, carries, skincare, brush cleanser, setting spray…)

How to Use the Seint Palette Builder

And that’s it! That’s how to use the Seint Palette Builder so you get your completely customized compact! Save space, save time, and save money with this revolutionary makeup system!

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How to Use the Seint Palette Builder