Kiwi Gal Before and After

Kiwi Gal Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

Kiwi Gal Before and After

One of the best things that happens from doing makeovers on others is getting to spend some one on one time together and getting to know that person. I’ve been able to get to know lots of women in New Zealand and they are all so unique, beautiful, and kind. I’m sure you can find that anywhere in the world! Here is a kiwi gal before and after that I did recently.

Meet Jenny. Her daughter is in my daughter’s class at school and it’s been fun getting to know her! And it really is amazing how small our world is because she is related to a few women that I go to church with. Jenny doesn’t normally wear lots of makeup so I wanted to give her a natural makeup look. A look that makes her feel beautiful without layering on all the products and something she can easily reproduce in her home.

I applied a thin layer of highlight under her eyes, on her chin, on her nose, and on her forehead. Olive is a great neutral contour color and I brushed it onto her cheekbones, along her jaw, and near her hairline. She didn’t want a bright pink cheek so we settled for desert sunset which gave her a little flush to her apples without being too overwhelming. We used the same color on her lips. She likes using browns on her lids, so I used some nice shades that gave her a natural look. I used a light brown to fill in her brows and help frame her face. After a light layer mascara we were done!

Kiwi Gal Before and After with Maskcara Beauty Girl at

Products Used

Highlight: amber

Contour: olive

Blush: desert sunset

Illuminator: illuminator

Eyeshadow: basic, trust, sabrina

Brows: oak

Lips: dessert sunset

30 Second HAC Brush

I Shadow Everything Brush

Multitasker Brush

IIID Perfector Sponge

I love how simple Maskcara makeup is to use, how it enhances a woman’s natural beauty, and how it makes a woman feel!

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