My Maskcara Story

I love all things pertaining to beauty: fashion, décor, skin care, makeup…you name it! I love bringing out the beauty in everything and thrive on the challenge of making something better than before. I come from a family of very creative and talented people. My dad is magical with wood and gardening, my mom can sew, craft, or decorate anything to perfection, one of my sisters is an extremely talented interior designer & party thrower, my other sister is a talented teacher, my grandma and aunts and sisters-in-laws and mother-in-law also all have amazing talents. I am surrounded by creativity. It’s no wonder I also love creating and love all things pertaining to beauty. I took a different route than the other women in my family and went to aesthetician school as a newlywed. I never thought I would be where I am now, but I am loving what I’m doing! Here is my Maskcara story and how I got to where I am today…
My awesomely creative & talented sister-in-law and I were texting back and forth one day, she in California and me in New Zealand. I knew she had just signed up as a Maskcara Artist and I wanted to know how things were going for her. I had used the Maskcara makeup products since day one of the company and loved them. Maskcara is a newer MLM company that focuses on making women feel and look beautiful and bringing out their natural beauty with their makeup products and tools. Michelle was stuck on a few things in the business and then the conversation turned to her asking if I wanted to help her. She asked if I would be interested in becoming business partners and going 50/50 and making some beauty videos and she would focus on the business part. I don’t know why, but I didn’t even hesitate in saying yes! It just felt so right and I said yes right away!
Our main goal with starting this business together was to think outside the box and approach the MLM world in a different way. We didn’t like the pressure of hosting parties and asking friends and family to buy from us. We wanted to make this a successful online business and see if we could make it thrive by giving online training, helping others grow their brand, and reaching out to people online.

Little by little, I made videos to post on YouTube with the basic resources that I had. I used my iphone and some natural lighting and hit the ground running creating content. What started out as a simple task of making a few videos, quickly turned into me thinking and breathing Maskcara! My mind wouldn’t turn off and I loved the creativity flowing through my veins! We could see the potential in this business and wanted to keep growing, creating, and teaching. Eventually, I bought a great camera and my videos and pictures have gotten a bit better. There is always room for improvement and I’m constantly learning and trying new things.
I wouldn’t have agreed to get into the whole business if I had known how much time and work it would be. But I absolutely have no regrets! I wouldn’t have done it because I would have been too scared and felt too incompetent. I would have wanted to know all the things right away and would have waited for perfection. But, you don’t learn and grow if you wait for the perfect timing and wait to know everything right away. I’m still learning something new every day and we come up with new ideas all the time! We are a dream team and work on each other’s strengths.
The potential is endless and the opportunities with this company are amazing. What started out with a simple idea has blossomed into an entire business. I love that I can be anywhere in the world and work with my sister-in-law and this great company. I love how God works in our lives and opens our eyes to ideas that we never would have thought about ourselves.

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