Makeup for Outdoor Photoshoot Tips

Makeup for outdoor photoshoot Tips

Makeup for Outdoor Photoshoot Tips


Are you getting your picture taken?? Whether it’s a family photoshoot, a senior photoshoot, a formal dance photoshoot, your headshots, or anything in between, you will want these makeup for outdoor photoshoot tips. You’re going to be captured on film and you want to look and feel your best!


Outdoor Photoshoot Makeup Tips

Have you ever gotten your pictures done and thought you looked great the day of but when you got the pictures back, you just looked blah?? You’re not alone! This happens all the time!

When it comes to getting your pictures taken, it’s important to wear more makeup than you’re used to. When you’re captured on camera, you don’t want to look flat, lifeless, and blah! Your everyday makeup look won’t make the cut for fabulous makeup for outdoor photoshoot. You need more.

When you’re on camera, whether that’s video or picture, the lighting and lens naturally make you appear duller than normal. So it’s important to amp up your look so you don’t fall flat.


Best Makeup for Outdoor Photography

You want people to see your true you. You want to sparkle. You want to glow. You want your smile to shine and your eyes to gleam! And having the right makeup for outdoor photoshoot is key!

It depends on your personality and coloring when choosing what products and colors to wear. But here are some must haves and products to consider when getting ready for the outdoor photoshoot.

Best Foundation for Outdoor Photoshoot

If you want to look your best for your pictures, then cream makeup is the way to go! Cream foundation will give you the coverage you need, while still looking natural. With its cream formula, it makes it really easy to apply and blend and literally melt into your face. Blend with a makeup sponge and you will have a flawless finish!


You cannot skip the contour!! Contour is the magical step in the entire makeup process (every day and photoshoot makeup). Contour helps give your face definition, shape, and dimension. It helps chisel your cheekbones and slim your face. Learn how to highlight and contour like a pro so you look your best!


Set your notions aside that blush is only for grandmas…because it’s not! Blush can give your face a natural flush and bring color back into your face. When you choose the right color and apply it properly, it will help you look youthful and healthy!


Your eyelashes can make or break your look! You may feel funny wearing false lashes for your everyday makeup look but trust me when I say that it will make a BIG difference in how your outdoor photoshoot turns out!

Using false lashes will help your eyes pop! Flutter Habit lashes look more feminine without looking fake. They’re really easy to put on and appear more natural than other strip lashes.


Don’t forget the lips! Lipstick is the icing on the cake! You may not normally be a lipstick wearer or stick to natural colors for your everyday look.  But when it comes to makeup for outdoor photoshoot, you must wear lipstick! You can even use these tricks to get fuller lips for the camera!


Bronzer is NOT the same as contour! There is a big difference! Wearing bronzer will help give you some color and help you look more alive and sun-kissed.


Defining your brows will help frame your face and top the look off. Use a simple brown eyeshadow color and a brow brush to define them and you’ll love the difference it makes! Learn how to define your brows really simply!


You don’t want to be an oily mess for your outdoor photoshoot! It’s important to set your makeup with powder so you avoid the shine.

Makeup for outdoor photoshoot Tips

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If you need help finding what colors will look good on you, then you can find your makeup colors by reading this color match guide to see what colors will work best for you!


How to Do Your Makeup for Outdoor Pictures

On the day of the pictures, give yourself time. Plan ahead. Get your outfit (and possibly your family’s outfits) picked out, ironed, and ready. The less stress on the day of the better! Do some practicing of how the products and colors work on you. Play around with techniques so you feel confident on photoshoot day.

Take time to do something nice with your hair. Having good hair products makes a big difference! The outfit and hair are great, but the makeup is the star and the most important part of the photoshoot!

Once you have your outfit and hair ready, take time to apply your makeup. Make sure to have all the products you need out and ready so you’re not wasting time looking for what you need next. You should have practiced beforehand and know what colors and products you need, so line them all up and get yourself made up!

With a little knowledge and some planning, you will be ready your makeup for outdoor photoshoot! Just have fun, smile, and you will look lovely on camera!!


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Makeup for outdoor photoshoot Tips

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