18 Benefits of Simplifying Your Home

There are so many benefits of simplifying your home. But sometimes it can be hard to feel motivated to get started. I’ve always found the best way to get and stay motivated to declutter and simplify is by reminding yourself of exactly what you stand to gain by doing the work.

And that’s exactly what this post will help you discover!

I’m sharing 18 of the best benefits of simplifying and decluttering your home. There’s something for everyone on this list. Something you would probably like a little more of or a little less of to make life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable!

If you’re ready to simplify your home, but are looking for a little boost of encouragement and motivation, you’ll find it here!

Benefits of Simplifying Your Home

18 Benefits of Simplifying and Decluttering Your Home

More Time

One of the greatest benefits of simplifying and decluttering your home is the time you’ll gain. Getting rid of the clutter you don’t use, need or love means you can spend less time taking care of and managing the stuff you own. And have more time for the things, people and activities you love most!

Less Time Spent Cleaning

When you simplify and get rid of the clutter, you’ll be left with less stuff. And when you own less stuff, you’ll have less to clean, clean around, pick up, organize, reorganize, etc. Making it faster and easier to clean, tidy and maintain your home.

Plus, when you own less, there’s less to make a mess with. And the messes that do happen (you’ll still live in your home, and messes are a part of life!), will be faster, easier and less overwhelming to clean up.

Less Frustration

It can be really frustrating feeling like you spend all day cleaning and tidying up, but can never keep up, let alone get ahead!

Simplifying and owning less means keeping up with your home is not only possible, but it’ll be easier than ever.

Not only that, but when you simplify and clear the clutter, it’s easier to keep track of things you own and find them when you need them. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find something in your home you know you have, but is lost amongst the clutter!

A Better Functioning Home

Your home should serve you, not the other way around. If you feel like a slave to your home, your home is not supporting you well.

Instead, try simplifying and clearing the clutter so your home will not only look and feel like a place you love, it’ll also function better too.

A well-functioning home is easier to maintain, take care of, keep organized, etc. A place you have time and space for the things you love doing. And a place that makes taking care of the necessities of life easier, more efficient and less stressful.

More Space

It’s easy to think your clutter problems are a result of not having enough space. If only you had a bigger closet, more storage space, more kitchen cabinets, etc., then you’d be able to keep your home tidy, organized and functioning well.

But in a lot of cases, you don’t need a bigger home, more storage space or bigger closets. You just need less stuff!

Get rid of what you don’t use, need or love. In doing so, you just might discover more room for what you do use, need and love.

Plus, simplifying and clearing the clutter gives you more space in your home for living, rather than using that space to store “stuff”.

More Financial Freedom

Decluttering can be a really eye-opening experience. It forces you to see just how much you’ve spent on clutter – things you didn’t truly use, need or love.

While that can be a difficult truth to face, the silver lining is that it’s a great way to motivate yourself to make more mindful purchases moving forward. Helping you spend less on stuff that will eventually end up as clutter, stealing your space and adding stress to your life.

And when you make more mindful and intentional purchases, you gain more financial freedom. Taking steps to spend your money on things that align most with your goals, values and priorities. Rather than spending your money on more stuff you don’t really need or love.

Plus, there’s always the bonus of not having to re-buy things you can’t find because they are lost somewhere amidst all the clutter!

Less Stress

Choosing to own less stuff means less to take care of, manage and be responsible for. Instead of always scrambling just to try and keep up with your home and the stuff in it, you can manage your home with more ease.

When there isn’t so much stuff to manage, it can even help reduce tension, frustration and resentment you might feel towards members of your household. Especially if you feel like you always get stuck picking up all the stuff in your home!

Simplifying and decluttering helps you create order in your home and regain control over your home and the stuff in it. It helps you create a home that feels nourishing, serves you well and supports you and your priorities, rather than adding more stress to your life.

More Happiness

When your home feels supportive and like a place you enjoy spending time in, your home can start contributing to your happiness and sense of well-being. Instead of contributing to the stress you feel in your life. 

More Confidence

With less clutter and fewer distractions taking up your time, energy and attention, it’s easier to gain clarity about who you are, what matters most to you, what you value, what your goals and priorities are, how you want to spend your time, etc.

And the clearer you become about who you are and what type of life you want to live, the more confident you’ll become in your choices.

Less Mental Clutter

Clutter occupies space in your home, but it also occupies space in your mind. It steals your time and attention with its distracting presence. Leaving you feeling mentally cluttered, unfocused and frazzled.

Each piece of clutter your remove from your home is one less piece of mental clutter you need to think about, take care of, look for, keep track of, etc.

More Gratitude

When you get rid of the clutter you don’t use, need or love, you often feel more appreciation and gratitude for the things that are left. Those things are your favourite things you love and use regularly after all!

Not only that but finding what feels like “enough” for you is another great way to add more contentment and gratitude for what you have. Rather than always seeking more, newer, better, faster, etc.

And the great thing about gratitude is it’s often contagious! Feeling grateful for your simplified home can often inspire you to notice things you’re grateful for in other areas of your life as well.

More Calm

A simplified home that feels like “enough” for you, can be your haven in a world that often feels busy, chaotic and stressful. It can be a place to rest, relax, recharge and do the things you love. Not just a place with a never-ending to-do list begging for your time and attention.

Outer order in your home is a great way to promote inner calm in yourself.

Not only that, but less visual clutter and stimuli in your home allow your brain more opportunities to truly rest. Without always thinking about what needs to be done, what you should be doing, etc.

Better Sleep

Not only does a clutter-free home feel calmer and more peaceful, it can also help you sleep better!

Did you know a cluttered bedroom can make it harder for your brain to turn off, settle down and fall into deep, restorative sleep?

Simplifying your home not only helps you feel less stressed during the day, but it’ll also help you sleep better at night!

18 Benefits of Simplifying Your Home

Less Guilt

Guilt is a strong and draining emotion. And keeping stuff you don’t use, need or love can add a lot of guilt to your life.

It could be guilt about things you regret spending money on. Or gifts you don’t use or love but feel obligated to keep. Clutter can even make you feel guilty that your home constantly feels messy, chaotic, and hard to manage. Making you think you should be able to do a better job of taking care of it all.

Wherever the guilt comes from, simplifying not only helps clear the clutter from your home, it also helps you release the guilt that goes along with it.

Better Relationships

It might not be obvious at first how simplifying can help improve and nurture your relationships, but there’s definitely a connection!

When you spend less time, energy and attention on the “stuff” filling your home, you free up more time, energy and attention to be present for other things, including the people in your life who you love.

In addition, when you feel comfortable in your home, not embarrassed or worried about the mess and clutter, you might feel more comfortable inviting loved ones into your home. Again, giving you more opportunities to deepen and nurture relationships.

Simplifying can even help improve relationships with your family and members of your household as you feel less stress, frustration and resentment towards them as you try to manage your home and the stuff in it.

More Generosity

A wonderful benefit of simplifying is as you feel content with what you have and realize you don’t need more “stuff” to have a full, happy and enjoyable life, you might notice you actually have an abundance to share with others.

Whether it’s generosity with your time, money, skills, knowledge, etc., intentionally choosing a simpler life gives you opportunities and awareness to appreciate what you have and feel good about sharing it with others.

More Freedom

Spending less time, space, energy, money and attention on the “stuff” you own gives you the freedom to explore the things, activities and adventures that light you up. More freedom to go after your goals and live in alignment with your priorities.

Freedom to create a life you love, rather than working harder to buy more stuff you don’t have time to enjoy because you’re always too busy working!

One of the Best Benefits of Simplifying- It Feels Good!

And finally, one of my favourite benefits of simplifying is that it feels good!

It feels good to take control of your home and the stuff in it. Letting your home serve you, not the other way around. It feels good to create a home you love that you enjoy spending time in. It feels good to have the freedom to build a life that aligns with your values, goals and priorities. And it feels good to feel in control of your days, rather than struggling just to keep up and make it through them.

18 Benefits of Simplifying

Simplifying and decluttering won’t solve all your problems or mean life will always be smooth sailing. But it does give you the time, space and energy to better deal with challenges when they arise.

For this and all the reasons listed above, simplifying your home and your life can be pretty awesome!

I’d love to know what your favourite benefit of simplifying your home and your life is? Or what are you most looking forward to if you’re not quite there yet?

When simplifying your life, you can also simplify your beauty routine and simplify your style!

Benefits of Simplifying Your Home

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