How to Make Money with Seint Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Seint Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Seint Affiliate Marketing


We live in a technology era! We have so many ways to stay connected with people, earn money, create content, and use our talents for good online. You can stay home to raise your babies, work a part time or full-time job in person, go to school, and still make money from home! If you’re looking for a way to earn money, whether that’s part time or full time, then I’ll teach you how to make money with Seint Affiliate marketing…


What is Affiliate Marketing?

You may be wondering what affiliate marketing even is! To put it simply, affiliate marketing is when you share a customized link of a product you use and love with your friends, family, or followers and you get a portion from that sale.

Many influencers and bloggers make a great living by sharing things they love! But whether you’re an influencer on social media or have a blog or not, you can use affiliate marketing to earn money!

When using affiliate marketing, you work with the company to create your own personalized link to share. It’s a great partnership because you get a portion from the sale and they get a portion from the sale and gain a new customer! You are their walking billboard. It’s a win win for both parties!


How to Earn Money with Seint Affiliate Marketing

If you love makeup, then becoming a partner with Seint could be a great fit for you! If you want to earn money through Seint affiliate marketing, then you can become a Seint Artist!

Becoming a Seint Artist is a $199 or $399 (or $279 if you’re in Canada) buy-in with 20-40% commission. You will always earn 20% on every sale and up to 40%!! You won’t get that big of a percentage through other affiliate marketing partnerships.

Use the Seint makeup and products and share about them! Share your link and when people use your link to shop from, you will get paid! It’s so easy to do…share what you use and love and get paid for it! It’s awesome!

Seint Artist Commission Potential Seint Artist Kit

Seint Artist Kit

How to Get Started with Seint Affiliate Marketing

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then how do you get started? You can learn more about the Seint Artist Program or email me to answer some of your questions.

Once you have made the decision to go for it, become a Seint Artist and get started! But what if you have women that want your help with finding their right makeup colors and you aren’t interested in becoming trained in color matching? No worries! Refer them to the Seint Color Match Guide so they can choose what colors will work best for them. Just make sure to have them shop from your link so you get the sale. Also, Seint has an amazing return policy…you have 30 days to return anything you don’t love. So it’s a great comfort to customers to try with a guarantee.

As your Seint guide, I am always here to help with any of your customer Color Match questions.


Not Quite Ready to Take the Plunge…

Are you hesitant and aren’t quite ready to drop $200 on it? I can set you up a personal shopping link that you can use as a trial to see how well it will do and you’ll earn free makeup!

You can earn free product by having your Seint Artist (me!) create you a personal shopping link that you can share for others to shop from. Every time you share your link and someone buys something from it, then you accumulate points that you can redeem towards free makeup, skincare, and brushes!

If it goes well and you think you’re ready to start making money with Seint affiliate marketing, then you can jump in and become a Seint Artist!

Seint Rewards Program

Seint Rewards Program

Whether you want to become a Seint Artist or start with a personal Seint shopping link, I can help! Email me to get started or if you have any questions!


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How to Make Money with Seint Affiliate Marketing