The Best Makeup for Winter

Changing up your makeup routine can breathe fresh life into your look. Just by switching up a few products, you can achieve a whole new look. Here is the best makeup for winter that will help you in your seasonal beauty refresh!

The Best Blushes for Winter

Your highlight and contour colors mostly stay the same throughout the year. But you can change your blush colors up to get a different look. Light pinks are great for spring, nudes are fun for a summery sun kissed glow, and redish browns are great for fall. Here are the best Maskcara blushes that will give you a wintery rosy cheeked glow: Plum, Black Cherry, Scarlet, and Ever Red. And the great thing about these are that they look great on your cheeks and your lips! Double the fun…win win!

The Best Eyeshadows for Winter

Playing with new eyeshadow shades is a fun way to switch up your look with the new winter season. And these eyeshadows are beautiful! Lullaby, Glass Slipper, Amethyst, Stardust, #33, Jr Prom, Mi Hija, and Rigoletto are great colors to add to your collection. They range from shimmer to matte and from light to dark. They’re the perfect addition to get a wintry eyeshadow look.

Illuminate Your Face!

Winter weather dries out your skin and gives you a fairer skinned look. So illuminator is a great way to add some shimmer and femininity to your beautiful face! The Pearl cream illuminator or the Starlet powder illuminator are sure to give your face a pretty wintry glow!

You don’t have to completely redo your makeup game with a new season. Simply change a few things to get a new look. By changing your blush color, playing with some new eyeshadow combos, and adding a light shimmer to your beautiful face, you will be ready to face winter as a new woman!

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