6 Ways to Fancy Up Your Makeup Routine

It’s easy to get ready for the day when you have your standard set makeup routine. But what about those special occasions where you want to look a little extra fancy? The times where you want to add some pizazz to your look? Want to look a bit more dressed up? Here are 6 ways to fancy up your makeup routine so it will set you apart from your everyday look.

Shimmery Eyes– Adding a little shimmer to your eyelids will dress up your eyes just right! Go for a lighter look because you’re going to want to go for a dramatic lip.

Eyeliner– Apply a good eyeliner to your lid to achieve the perfect amount of drama! It will make your eyes pop! A winged line will be even more dramatic.

False Lashes– Want those lush lashes to stand out?? Then apply false lashes to give your lashes the perfect amount of length and fullness for your fancy event.

Contour– Contouring is a woman’s best friend! Contour your cheekbones and jawline to bring out your beautiful features!

Defined Brows- Don’t forget to frame your face by defining your brows. All you need is a good brow brush and brown eyeshadow shade to shape them nicely.

Lipstick– Top your look off with a bold lip! Don’t be afraid of color! Are you afraid of it wearing off quickly with all the eating and mingling you’ll be doing? Then make sure to use a long lasting lipstick.

And that’s it! By adding those simple steps on top of your everyday makeup routine, you will get a fancier, bolder, more dramatic look for any special occasion. Don’t let a fancy party intimidate you. Want to learn how to up your makeup game to be photo ready? Read all about it HERE!

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