The Best Versatile Makeup

As a minimalist, the key to living a life with less is to invest in versatile items. Versatile pieces in your wardrobe, in your beauty routine, and in your everyday life. Let’s chat about minimalist makeup. Versatility is key to having less but still making a big impact. So here’s the best versatile makeup that any minimalist, and really any gal, will love and appreciate!


Every gal needs a good highlight (foundation) that will even out her skin tone and help her skin look flawless. But highlight can be used in more than just one way! It can be used as overall foundation, as concealer, as brightening under the eyes, and as an eyeshadow primer. 

Different Uses for highlight


Contour is seriously magical! It gives a woman’s face shape, dimension, and femininity! But it can be worn and used in lots of different ways! First, it can be used to chisel out those cheekbones, add shadow to the forehead, create a jawline, and slim the nose. It can also be used to line the lips to make them look fuller, as eyeshadow, as eyeliner, and to help fill in and define brows. It needs to be in every gal’s makeup bag!

Different Uses for Contour


Blush is a great way to add a pretty flush to the cheeks. But blush is not just for the cheeks! It can also be used as lipstick and as eyeshadow! Add some pretty pink hues to more places on the face besides the cheeks. It can even help color correct! I like to use an orangey Lip & Cheek color under my eyes to cover up my blueish dark circles.

Different Uses for Blush


Every gal needs good tools to apply makeup flawlessly. And these brushes are the most versatile around because they’re double-sided and multiuse! They can be used in so many different ways and for so many different purposes. There’s no need to have a million brushes when collecting just a few will give the same results!

The Most Versatile Makeup Brushes


The best way to store the most versatile makeup is to store it in a compact that can hold it all! You no longer need to waste money on prebuilt compacts with colors in it that you don’t need. These compacts are completely customizable with the exact colors that you need. Want just a few colors? Build a smaller compact! Want lots of colors? Build a bigger compact! And the best compact of all is the clutch compact that can be used to store makeup and brushes and as a wallet or purse! Now that is what I call versatile!!

The Best Versatile Compacts

Versatility is a minimalist’s best friend. So invest in versatile wardrobe pieces and makeup that will give you the most bang for your buck and provide endless options! Cut back on the clutter and buy multiuse products. 

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The Best Versatile Makeup

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