How to Host a Maskcara Facebook Party

How to Host a Maskcara Facebook Party

How to Host a Maskcara Facebook Party


Since Maskcara is an MLM (multi-level marketing) beauty company, many people shy away from the product and business because they don’t want to be involved in hosting parties. It can sometimes be awkward asking friends and family to come to a party you’re having, to buy products, and take time away from their families. I get it. I totally do. I have hosted parties in my home for other products and it definitely feels awkward when your friends leave without buying anything or you don’t have as many people show up that you planned. Well, I have a great solution for you! You may really love Maskcara Beauty products and the idea of earning free products is really tempting, right?? Host an online party! Here’s how to host a Maskcara Facebook party so you take away the awkwardness…it’s the best option for everyone!



What is Maskcara Facebook Party?

A Maskcara Facebook party is an online party that you put together on Facebook for your friends, family, and coworkers to join. They never have to leave their home and you don’t have to feel awkward and face them when they don’t buy anything. But you still get to gather together throughout the day and week and participate in an online party together. And you still get to earn rewards…it’s the best!



How Does it Work?

Does it sound too good to be true?? Well, it’s not! You simply work with your personal Maskcara Beauty Artist (I would love to help you! Just email me HERE!), and you put together a list of women that you want to invite. You reach out to the individually to personally invite them and tell them what the event is. Your Maskcara Artist puts together the entire party for you….all you have to do is invite your friends and show up and patriciate!


Your Maskcara Artist will have posts, videos, giveaways, and content to keep your friends involved and educated on the products. A Facebook party can be a one day event or it can last all week. Your friends can pop in and out so it’s really convenient for their schedules.


How You Earn Free Maskcara Products

The best part about hosting a Maskcara Facebook party is that, as the hostess, you get to earn free makeup! Your Maskcara Artist will set up a personal shopping link for you and your friends to use. Every purchase that is done using your link will rack up points! You can learn more about the benefits of hosting a party HERE! The more purchases made using your link, the more free product you’ll get!

Maskcara Party Perks

Hosting Maskcara Facebook parties is a great way to virtually gather your friends together, learn some great makeup and skin care techniques, and earn free products!


If this sounds like something you would love to do, then contact me for more info HERE!

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How to Host a Maskcara Facebook Party