Minimalist Style: How to Style a Cashmere Sweater

When it comes to building an intentional closet, it’s all about investing in pieces that are high quality and versatile. Investing in pieces that are made of natural fibers will help your closet last longer. And cashmere is a great fabric to include in your closet! It’s a classy and timeless fabric! Here’s how to style a cashmere sweater…the options are endless!

Dress Your Cashmere Sweater Up

Cashmere is a stylish fabric that can appear very elegant. It’s an easy fabric to dress up! A cashmere sweater (in any color) can be dressed up by pairing it with a pencil skirt, maxi skirt, trousers, nice tailored jeans, or over a dress. And shoes! The shoes you wear is key to taking your look up a notch! If you want a fancier look, then wear your cashmere with heels, tall boots, booties, or wedges. 

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater

Dress a Cashmere Sweater Down

Just because cashmere is a classy fabric, doesn’t mean it can’t be worn as an everyday piece! Pairing a fancier piece with a casual piece is a fun way to mix things up! A cashmere sweater can be worn with skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, cropped pants, a jean skirt, leggings…the options are endless! To really dress the look down, pair it with sneakers, loafers, or flat sandals.

Wear It Year-Round

Sweaters can be worn year-round! When you style a sweater with different bottoms, wear it on its own, or layer it, it can be worn throughout the year. For colder weather outfits, pair a cashmere sweater with pants (leggings, jeans, wide leg pants, trousers), longer skirts, or layer it by wearing a shirt underneath or jackets on top. For warmer weather outfits, pair it with shorts, short skirts, and by rolling the sleeves up.

When creating an intentional closet and minimalist style, think outside the box! Invest in pieces that are high quality and versatile so you can create endless looks and have a closet that will last for years! There are multiple ways to style a cashmere sweater…think outside the box!

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How to Style a Cashmere Sweater