Tips for Treating Maskne (mask acne)

We’ve all been affected by COVID-19, Corona Virus, the pandemic, whatever you want to call it. Whether your life has been flipped upside down or just a few scratches here or there, it’s a part of our life for who knows how long! I’m in Italy and it’s mandatory to wear masks out in public. I know lots of other places are mandating mask wearing also or highly recommending it. And with wearing those masks comes some not so fun things….like maskne (aka mask acne). Is your face breaking out from wearing a mask? Please tell me I’m not alone! Here are some tips for treating maskne so you can keep your skin happy and healthy during this crazy time!

Wash or Change Your Mask Often

Our masks are touching our faces, especially our cheeks and lower jawline. Whether you are wearing makeup or not, your oil, dirt, and makeup products will rub off on the mask. If you wear that same mask over and over, you’re just spreading the grim onto your beautiful face. This will irritate it and cause breakouts. 

An easy way to avoid this is to either wash your fabric mask frequently or change your disposable mask often. This will help stop the spread of germs, bacteria, product buildup, and oils. 

Good Skin Care Routine

You should always maintain a good skin care routine and now it’s even more important! Make it a habit to cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily! It should just take you a few minutes but it will make a big impact in your skin! My favorite skin care products are HERE.

Tips for Treating Maskne


Along with a daily skin care routine, you should also exfoliate a few times a week. Exfoliating helps slough off dead skin cells and product buildup. It helps smooth your skin and circulate your blood flow. My absolute favorite exfoliator is this salt scrub found HERE. I also like to use this homemade recipe HERE.

Wear a Masque

Doing a face masque once a week is like having a little spa day for your face! Your skin needs that extra TLC and a masque will help keep your skin at its best. I love this clay masque found HERE or this milk masque found HERE. I rotate between the two and my skin loves them both!

These simple steps will help you in treating maskne. Nobody likes acne, whether you’re in a pandemic or not! So follow these steps to keep your skin happy and healthy!

Tips for Treating Maskne

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Tips for Treating Maskne

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