Maskcara Makeup for Travelers

Maskcara Makeup for Travelers

Maskcara Makeup for Travelers


If you’re frustrated with spilled makeup products, getting your makeup confiscated at security, and lugging around all your makeup bits and bobs while traveling, then I have the perfect solution! Maskcara is the perfect makeup for travelers!


Everything Fits in One Compact

Yes, you read that right! All your face, eye, brow, and lip makeup with fit into one compact (ironically, minus mascara for your lashes). Your highlight foundation, concealer, contour, blush, illuminator, lip color, eyeshadows, eyeliner, brow color, powder, and bronzer will all fit into ONE COMPACT!!

Whether you like a lot of makeup or a little bit of makeup, you can fit all your custom colors into one compact. You can choose a small compact or a larger compact to fit your beauty needs. Either way, it all fits into one simple compact.

It is THE BEST!! No more rummaging through your makeup bag for the right product. No more lugging around all the things. One compact. That’s it.

You can shop all the different size and style compacts HERE.


Maskcara Makeup for Travelers

TSA Approved

All the makeup singles are either cream or powder and they’re all TSA approved! That means that you don’t have to put your makeup in your checked bag anymore! Keep it nicely safe with you!

I’ve traveled to 17 countries and have toted my custom compacts around me to each one. I’ve never had a problem carrying it in my purse on the plane. It’s the best having it with me the entire time. That would be the worst having all your makeup lost or spilled at your destination! You don’t have to worry about that anymore!

You can shop all the makeup HERE.


Makeup Brushes are Double Ended

Not only are the makeup products a breeze to travel with, but the makeup brushes are all double sided. So that means that you can carry less brushes! Each brush is so versatile and can be used in lots of different ways. You can get by with traveling with just one compact and a brush or two and that’s it!

You can shop all the makeup brushes HERE.


Ultimate Compact to Travel With

All Maskcara compacts are amazing, but the ultimate compact to travel with is the CLUTCH. Not only does it carry your makeup, but it doubles as a wallet/clutch. You can also fit your makeup brushes, your credit cards, your money, and your phone in it. I’m not joking! I traveled with mine and it made life so convenient for me!!

Maskcara really is the makeup for travelers! I love that it’s convenient, compact, and customizable. Once I made the switch, I just can’t go back! It’s too good!


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Maskcara Makeup for Travelers