6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Become a Mindful Shopper

It’s so easy to waste money and buy all the things. It’s so easy to get lost in a store or online and buy things you don’t need. It’s so easy to get suckered by sales and collect clutter. It’s so easy to go along with the trends and buy what everyone else is buying and wearing. But we can do better! We can learn to be intentional shoppers. We can learn to shop with purpose. We can learn to have a closet that we love and that is full of intentional pieces. Here are some great questions to ask yourself to become a mindful shopper!

What is a Mindful Shopper?

A mindful shopper is someone that takes the time to consider a purchase, to pause before rushing to checkout, to intentionally think about what they need and what they want. A mindful shopper has a plan and has a purpose. A mindful shopper isn’t brash in their shopping but is thoughtful focused.

It’s so easy to buy something quickly and plop it into your full closet. It takes more planning to stop and think what you want to add to your wardrobe. 

Become a Mindful Shopper

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you want to learn to be more intentional, to save money, to fill your closet with clothes that you love, then you need to ask yourself these questions before you shop and buy something:

What activities do I spend the most of my time doing? – There’s no point buying clothes for a life you don’t live! Do I love a gorgeous ball gown or a classy suit set? Sure! But I don’t live a life where those pieces are practical! Ask yourself what life you are dressing for. Are you a mom to young kids? Are you a working woman? Are you a gym lover? Are you an errand runner? Are you a part time worker? Are you a coffee-with-your-friends type of gal? Be honest with yourself and buy clothing for the activities that you actually will wear.

How do I want to feel? – Do you want to feel cool, sassy, classy, fun, classic, modern, simple, comfortable, stylish, relaxed, tailored, chic, edgy, romantic…? What type of feeling do you want when you get dressed? How you want to feel will depend on what types of clothes you will buy. 

What are my favorite colors to wear? – What colors do you look and feel great in? If you have no idea, then you need to read my eBook HERE! It is a great guide that walks you through finding out the best colors for you to wear. Once you know what colors you love, stick to them! Build a closet with a beautiful color palette so you can mix and match your pieces easily. You’ll have a closet with endless options and you’ll be able to stay focused when you shop. Win win! 

Become a Mindful Shopper

What weather am I dressing for? – When shopping for clothes, know what type of weather you’re shopping for! Sure, I really love warm beachy weather, but where I live, we have a short summer. So, it’s not smart to have tons of summery clothes. It’s smart to buy clothes for the weather that experience…not for the wishful weather you want!

What types of fabrics do I want? – If you want a closet that will last, then it’s important to invest in fabrics that will last! You want fabrics that are naturally made. Fabrics like linen, wool, cotton, silk, leather, cashmere, Tencel will last you a long time. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either! Brands like Everlane or Quince have great high quality natural fabrics for affordable prices. Or you can shop online consignment stores like Poshmark or ThredUp. Also, check out your local thrift stores or consignment stores for treasures!  

What types of brands do I want to support? – It’s important to know where you want your money to go. Do you want to support big fast fashion brands or would prefer to support smaller businesses or sustainably made companies? It’s important to do a little research so you know where your money is going and how it’s helping.

With those questions in mind, you’ll soon become a more mindful shopper! It takes a little time and thought, but it will save you money and it will help you build a better closet that is more purposeful and intentional. You get to choose what to wear and how it makes you feel!

Become a Mindful Shopper