The Importance of Color in Your Closet

I’m a minimalist through and through…in the amount of possessions I have and in my style sense. I really like simple and clean lines and minimal looks. But just because I’m a minimalist doesn’t mean that my closet has to be boring! It’s important to put the right kinds of pieces in your closet so you can mix and match and create lots of different looks. From the cuts and styles and color…it’s all important when building your wardrobe. The importance of color in your closest is huge! You want to have a color palette that will help your create lots of looks.

Finding the Right Colors

Color in your closet can include bright and vibrant, muted and mellow, natural and basic hues. It’s up to you! It’s all about your personality and preference and needs. But, I want to tell you a secret…if you want to look your absolute best, then you need to figure out the colors that will be complementary to your personal coloring!

I firmly believe that you can wear absolutely anything you want if you look and feel great in it. But, I also believe that there are some colors and styles and cuts that will look fabulous on you and really bring out your best features. If you want to know what colors will help you shine, then I created a really simple eBook that guides you to find it out! You can learn more about it HERE. There is magic in wearing the right colors!

the importance of color in your closet

Color Palette

Once you figure out what colors you look great in and what colors make you feel alive, then stick to them! Create a palette of colors in your closet so you can have a collection that will look beautiful on you. 

You want your color palette to include neutral colors (like white, black, cream, brown, navy, tan, gray…), main colors that will make up most of your looks, and accent colors that will add some fun spice to your closet. You want your colors to coordinate and go nicely with each other.

Endless Options

When you take the time to figure out what colors complement your skin tone and you build a palette of neutrals and accent colors, no matter how large or small you closet is, your options will be endless! Because you’ve created a nice grouping of colors, you’ll be able to mix and match tops and bottoms and patterns beautifully to create lots of looks!

When you don’t have any strategy or purpose in your closet, then you have a closet full of random clothes! And then you end up having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear! When you are intentional about what colors you put in your closet, then you are building a smart closet that will work hard for you! 

Stop buying random clothes. Stop wasting money. Stop filling your closet with so-so pieces and start being more proactive and strategic with your purchases! Put pieces in your closet that are flattering to your figure, that are complementary to your coloring, and that you look and feel great in!

The Importance of Color In Your Closet

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