Maskcara Artist Perks

Maskcara Artist Perks

Maskcara Artist Perks


There are a lot of multi-level marketing businesses today. So many great beauty, health, and lifestyle companies to make your life more beautiful and easier. And the great thing about a multi-level marketing company is that you can make it as big or small as you want. You can make it a side hustle, a hobby, or a full-time job. You can work from home and make your own schedule. There are so many perks! I may be partial, but I think being a Maskcara Artist is one of the best companies to be a part of! Why??? Here are some Maskcara Artist Perks that you might want to know about….


Why is Maskcara Different than Other MLM Companies?


Every MLM company has their own rules and regulations and compensation plans. They all have their perks and promises. But, Maskcara is a bit different! Why??


  • No inventory– Most companies require you to have inventory to have on hand to sell to your customers. Not Maskcara! You don’t have to have any inventory! You just have what you need to do makeovers on your customers and for your own use.


  • Shipping fulfillment is taken care of– Because you don’t have to have inventory, Maskcara takes care of all customer shipping! It’s awesome! Your customers place their orders online and Maskcara fulfills their orders and ships them right to their door for you!


  • Customer Service– Maskcara takes care of returns and exchanges for YOUR customers! Sure, you need to be in contact with your customers to help troubleshoot, guide, and teach. But, Maskcara takes care of all the product problems and returns. It’s the best! And they’re always so fast and friendly!


  • Personal store front– You have a personal online storefront that your customers can shop from. It makes it really easy for you to share with your friends and family and it’s convenient to peruse.


  • No minimum monthly order– Some companies make you have a minimum monthly order before you can qualify for being paid. Not Maskcara! It doesn’t matter how little you sell, you will always get at least 20% commission!


  • Small overhead fee– A lot of companies have a steep startup fee or kit to purchase. Maskcara has 2 options…a Basic Kit for $199 or a Pro Kit for $399. That’s it! You can make back the price of your kit so quickly!


  • Small back office fee– Because Maskcara provides an online storefront for you and takes care of the customer service and shipping, you have to pay $11.95 each month for you back office fee. But that small price is so worth not having the hassle of that responsibility!


  • 2 ways to make money– You have 2 choices on how to make money: sell the product and/or build a team. There’s no pressure to do it however you want.


  • Free shipping for customers– Shipping is always free for customers, no matter how small the purchase!!


  • Guaranteed 20% commission– No matter how little or how much you sell, you will always get at least 20% commission. The more you sell, the more commission you can earn. You can earn up to 40% commission!


  • Monthly bonus on your downline sales– Along with your commission, you also get a monthly bonus! If you choose to build a team, you will earn a portion of their sales!


  • Weekly paycheck– You get paid each Friday and you get paid your bonus once a month! It’s great getting 5 paychecks a month!


  • 10% of new enrollee’s first $800 sold– When you have a new artist enroll on your team, you get 10% of her first $800 in sales. It’s a great bonus and perk for you to help her get started on the right foot!


Maskcara Artist Perks

Maskcara Artist Perks

Maskcara takes great care of their artists! The company culture is to help other women look and feel beautiful.

As Maskcara Artists, you also can earn free products! When you have a party link, you can earn free credit to redeem for free makeup, skincare, and other products. I don’t ever buy my own makeup anymore…it’s all free! It’s the best perk of all! You can learn more about party perks HERE!

I’ve been a Maskcara Artist for over 3 years. It’s been such a fun journey that has allowed me to have a creative outlet, make lifelong friends, help women feel beautiful, and earn money for my family…and I’ve been able to do it all while traveling the world! I’ve built my business all online. It’s such a great flexible way to earn money and help women from anywhere in the world.

Maskcara Artist Perks

Becoming a Maskcara Artist

If you have questions about becoming a Maskcara Artist, please email me HERE and ask away! You can visit HERE to answer some questions about becoming a potential Maskcara Artist.


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Maskcara Artist Perks