Your Body Shape Style Guide

Isn’t it amazing how different we’re all created?! I love to people watch to see the diversity of women! The different colors, heights, shapes, sizes…it’s fascinating! And there isn’t one perfect body or perfect shape or perfect size. They’re all beautiful and special. As women, we fall into the comparison trap where we wish we looked like someone else or we wish we didn’t have a certain physical feature. But what we really need to learn is what shape we were born with and how we can dress it in a way that will be the most flattering. Your Body Shape Style Guide will help you!

Why I Created this Guide

As I’ve been working with women and teaching them styling tips online, the most common question I get is wanting to know what cuts and styles to wear to help flatter their figure! They claim they don’t look good in anything or their friends look amazing in everything. They’re frustrated and overwhelmed with their closet and with shopping. They’re at a loss!

I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful! And I also believe that when we take care of ourselves and put time and effort into the way we look, that it affects more than just our appearance. When we look and feel beautiful, we act beautiful! Acting beautiful is being kind and positive and serving others. And we need more of that in our world!

I want to help women learn the tools to look and feel beautiful. With a few simple tips, it’s amazing how dressing and shopping can become enjoyable again! I created Your Body Shape Style Guide so you can learn what type and shape of body you have so you can learn how to dress it strategically. I’ve made it a really simple guide that you can read quickly and implement the steps right away! I don’t want to overwhelm you any more than you already are! Let’s get back to the basics!

Your Body Shape Style Guide

Why It’s Important to Know Your Body Shape

Why is it important to put a label on what body shape you are? I know some women are against this. But knowledge is power. And knowing the curves of your body will help you know how to dress it in a way that will complement your figure and show off your best features.

Learn How to Dress to Flatter Your Figure

There’s strategy in dressing smartly. You want to create balance. You want to focus on your best features and minimize your not so favorite features. This guide will help you learn important tips to dress and shop better!

Whether you are short or tall or thin or wide or anything and everything in between, you can learn to love the way you look and dress in a way that you feel confident. And I want to help you do that!

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Your Body Shape Style Guide

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