Your Color Match Closet Guide

It doesn’t matter if your closet is big or small. What matters is what’s in your closet! And what matters even more is that you love what’s in your closet! You want your closet to be full of clothes that fit you well with colors that complement your coloring nicely. Your Color Match Closet Guide is the perfect tool to help you learn what colors will look great on you!

Why I Created this Guide

I’ve always loved style. Shopping and creating outfits and putting myself together is a passion of mine! It’s like an art project. I love creating! But, I know that not all women love that and not all women know how to create a look that they love.

As I’ve been teaching women how to declutter and build intentional closets, I kept getting confusion and overwhelm from women. They felt frustrated with too many style options, not knowing what styles and cuts and colors would look great on them. They were tired of seeing their friends look amazing but have no clue how to feel and look great too.

Instead of having my platform be a spot where it’s a “look at me and this cute outfit I’m wearing,” I always want to focus on helping women and teaching them how to look and feel beautiful on their own! Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful! And I believe that with just a few simple tools and guidelines, any woman can gain confidence and learn how to dress in a a way that she loves how she looks.

As a minimalist, I really love simple. So I’ve compiled lots of ideas and created a very simple guide that breaks down these ideas on a basic level. There’s no need for overwhelm! I’m just focusing on what’s most important so the everyday woman can learn easily.

Your Color Match Closet Guide

Why Wearing the Right Colors Matter

When building an intentional closet, it’s important to keep in mind the colors that you put in your closet. Really, you can wear whatever you want. There’s no rule against it! If you love it, wear it! But there really is a bit of magic when you wear the right colors that complement your skin coloring and features. Wearing the right colors will help you glow and shine! Wearing the wrong colors will drown you out and make you look and feel blah.

Wearing the right colors will also help you shop more strategically. You’ll save money and time when you stay focused on a certain color palette! You’ll also be able to have a closet full of versatile pieces that can mix and match well together to create lots of looks!

Your Color Match Closet Guide

How to Learn What Colors Look Best on You

Your Color Match Closet Guide is a simple guide that helps you figure out what colors will really look great on you. It will walk you through determining whether you have cool, warm, or neutral skin coloring. It will give you color palettes that will complement your skin coloring. It will give you shopping tips and strategies that will help you become a smarter shopper.

It’s a quick read that will give you tools to implement in your style right away! I love simple and I’ve tried to create this to be as easy and simple as possible! You can find Your Color Match Closet Guide HERE.

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I also created another eBook called Your Body Shape Style Guide that helps you figure out what cuts and styles look great on your body shape. It’s also created simply for you to easily understand and implement! You can find it HERE.

Your Color Match Closet Guide

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