What is Maskcara?

As a lover of beauty, Maskcara makeup has captured my heart! What is Maskcara makeup? What’s all the hype and how does it work? Well, let me show you!!
Maskcara is a Beauty Company
Maskcara is a beauty company that focuses on enhancing a woman’s natural beauty. Cara Killpack is the brains, beauty, and founder of this awesome company. Maskcara’s motto is: That helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.
Maskcara 3D Cream Foundation
The cream foundation comes with highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator colors. These foundation singles are meant to be applied to your beautiful face without layering on top of each other. You simply apply the colors in just the places that you need. By contouring and highlighting your face, you are making your face come to life. You are bringing some dimension to your face that brings out your best features. This cream foundation is wipeable, spreadable, smudgeable, buildable, mess-up-able! It’s so easy and fast to apply.

Maskcara has Brushes, Eyeshadows, Compacts, and Skin Care
Not only does Maskcara offer the HAC foundation singles, but also brushes, eyeshadows, compacts, and skin care! It has all of your beauty needs covered. All of the products are top notch and affordable!

Maskcara is Refillable
This makeup is refillable! The compacts are magnetic, so each foundation and eyeshadow single can be used over and over and then replaced when you’re done. You don’t have to waste a whole pallette of color that you don’t like. You simple replace what colors you need to replace, when you need to replace them. So simple and easy!
Maskcara is Streamlined and Compact
Maskcara makeup can be easily stored in just one compact! You can mix and match your colors and have all that you need at your fingertips! You no longer have to rummage through your makeup bag for the right colors and products to apply. It’s in one simple place! I LOVE simplicity!
Maskcara is cruelty free. Maskcara is paraben free. Maskcara is gluten free.
No need to say more.

Maskcara is Efficient!
Maskcara makeup brushes are all double-sided so they are multi-purpose! You can apply your bronzer and blush with one brush! Same with your highlight and contour and eyeshadows and everything in between. There’s no need to have all the products and all the bulk.
Maskcara is Beautiful
Maskcara has the prettiest packaging! Have you seen a more beautiful compact?! From the brushes to the compacts to the skin care bottles, it’s all so pretty! You don’t have to stow your products away under your bathroom sink. You can leave them out on your counter top because they are so pretty!

And that is Maskcara! A company that is built to make women feel beautiful. A company with high quality products that make it fast and simple to apply. It’s so easy that anyone can do it!