Finding the Best You and Loving It Series

We live in a world where we are constantly told that we’re not good enough. We’re not pretty enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not healthy enough, we’re not talented enough. No wonder why we’ve lost self confidence in who we are and who we can become. I want to change that. I want to help women understand their individual worth so they can reach their potential. I want women to see their beauty…their inner beauty and their outer beauty. I am starting a new Confident Series called: Finding the Best You and Loving It. Because we are all beautiful. We just need help seeing it.
I believe that when we feel beautiful and confident, we act beautiful and confident. And by acting beautiful, we are helping build stronger families, communities, and relationships. We need more confident women in our world. We need more women who know who they are, appreciate who they are, and are proud of who they are.
Being confident is not being prideful. But it’s learning to love yourself and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. But we can always work on improving and be proud of the growth we make.
I am going to focus this Confidence series on areas of our lives where we can learn to acknowledge and appreciate the things that we’re good at and how we can become better. From physical traits to personality characteristics. We are women who can use our attributes for good. But before we can be a light, we must learn to recognize our strengths and our goodness. Then we can use that knowledge and be a light in our families, communities, and relationships.
So here’s to becoming more confident, more self-assured, and understanding our self-worth so we can be a light. Let’s find the best you and learn to love it!