What is Seint Makeup?

Your Questions About Seint Makeup Answered!


  • What is Seint makeup? Seint makeup is a makeup system that is intended to applied in one layer of makeup on your face and everything fits into one custom compact. It provides coverage and gives your face dimension without the cakey layers of makeup. The palettes are customizable and help streamline your beauty routine!
  • What is iiid foundation? iiid foundation is cream makeup that comes in 4 shades: highlight, contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator. Each shade provides coverage but is only applied in one layer. This cream makeup brings dimension to your face, helping you look more youthful.
  • Where do you buy Seint makeup? You can buy Seint makeup from the online store. Seint makeup is available in the USA and Canada and will soon be released in the UK, Australia, and Mexico.
  • How can you get a Seint color match? You can find your Seint makeup shades by taking the Seint Color Match Quiz, filling out the Seint Color Match Survey, or browse the Seint Color Match Guide for help.

What is Seint makeup?

What is Seint? Seint is a beauty line created by Cara Killpack, a blogger and makeup artist. The makeup is designed to simplify your beauty routine by having to apply only one layer of makeup and use only one simple compact. This makeup helps saves space, save time, and save money without sacrificing beauty. 

Seint Makeup

What is iiiid Foundation?

Seint is known for their iiid foundation. It is cream makeup that consists of 4 main shades: highlight, contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator. Each shade provides coverage but is only applied in one layer. This cream makeup brings dimension to your face, helping you look more youthful.

3 benefits to cream makeup:

  • It melts into your face, making it look natural, especially for mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It provides buildable coverage: light, medium, or full 
  • It gives your skin a healthy & dewey glow!

Seint Makeup Chart


What makes Seint makeup different?

Seint makeup is designed to use only one layer on your face. You put the highlight (foundation) color where you want even coverage, the contour color where you want shadows and dimension, and the blush on your cheeks to add a youthful flush. No need to layer all the products to get a cakey look and feeling. 

Each color comes in its own tin that you put in the magnetic compact so you buy only what you need and there’s no waste. You can replace each tin as needed and customize your compact to your heart’s content! Everything you need (minus mascara) fits into one simple palette: foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, blush, lipstick, illuminator, powder, eyeshadow, brows, brow gel, and eyeliner. It’s perfect for simplifying your makeup mess and the time it takes to put it all on!

Also, because there is only one layer and everything is in one place, it goes on quickly. You won’t be wasting time rummaging through your cluttered makeup bag or drawer looking for the right products. Everything is right at your fingertips!  It can simplify your beauty routine significantly and get it down to five minutes. And it’s amazing for traveling!

Seint makeup has a higher standard in beauty ingredients and quality. Seint makeup is paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. It has less packaging so you waste less. The palettes are magnetic so you can reuse them over and over by just replacing the tin of makeup. It’s very cost effective and less wasteful! 

Clutter Free Makeup

The makeup and products are amazing! But, the real difference is the vision and mission statement of Seint. Most beauty companies focus on selling you all the things. Seint values beauty in every woman and wants you to embrace your beauty and enhance it. Looking beautiful is nice, but the most important thing is feeling and believing you are beautiful!

SEINT Mission Statement

Who started Seint?

Cara Brook Killpack started Seint as a beauty blogger at Maskcara.com where she taught makeup tips and tricks and showed a lot of before and after images. She created her own makeup line and sold it online for two years before opening up her line for direct distributors in early 2017. She had a dream since she was in elementary school and worked hard to watch her dream come to fruition! Her passion is helping women see the beauty in themselves!


What do I need to get started with Seint makeup?

The beginner compact has a highlight, contour, blush/lip, and illuminator color. This is enough to get you started or you can also buy Seint highly pigmented eyeshadows, skin care line, compacts, and makeup brushes. All the makeup brushes are double sided so they are mutli-purpose, space saving, and cost effective! All of Seint’s products are absolutely gorgeous and amazing quality!

Seint makeup

Should I switch to Seint makeup?

The basic custom palette set, a brush, and a sponge is a little over $100 and it will last you months. Seint makeup is high quality, easy and fast to apply, and compact. If you are looking for a simplified, top notch makeup then Seint makeup is definitely for you!

How Long Does Seint Makeup Last

Is Seint an MLM?

Yes. Seint is a multi-level marketing business. But, it is set up in a way that you do not have to grow build a team, but you can simply be a distributor. All distributors earn 20-40% commission on sales. There are no sales requirements. You can learn more about the Seint Artist Program so you can see for yourself how different it is than other MLMs! There are so many perks and advantages to becoming an artist.

Our Seint Artist team is a diverse team of women that loves to help women look and feel beautiful! We celebrate our differences in appearances, in lifestyle, and in business goals. If you want to just be a distributor, that’s great!  If you want to go big and build a team, we full support and train you for that! The great thing is that you get to decide how you want to build your business, this is a no pressure team.


Is Seint Makeup Affordable?

Is Seint makeup expensive?? Products from Seint are priced as low as $14 for eyeshadow singles, $16 for foundation and lip/cheek singles, and up to $175 for a makeup brush collection. Brushes and beauty tools range from $13-$36. All brushes are double sided so you get more bang for your buck. The fillable compacts are free when you purchase a certain amount of color singles!


Seint Makeup


What is color matching? How do I get Seint color matched?

Color matching is the process of finding the right Seint makeup colors for you. You get color matched by going through a series of questions to determine your skin tone or sending in a picture to an experienced artist. (You can take a quick Free color match quiz. If you want more personalized help, then you can take a few minutes to fill out my makeup survey to let me know what your makeup needs and preferences and I will create a custom compact for you.) If you prefer to work along, browse the Seint Color Match Guide for help.


How to buy Seint makeup?

Seint makeup can be bought through distributors who can be looked up on the Seint website. You can buy through my online Seint store. I am a licensed aesthetician and certified makeup artist. As one of my customers, I send you a special Beauty Guide eBook helping you learn how to use the products and learn makeup techniques. You can also contact me through text or email with any makeup or skincare questions. Consider your beauty bestie in your back pocket!

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How much does it cost to become an Artist?

There are three options for signing up to be an Artist: the essential kit is $99, the basic kit is $225, and the pro kit is $450. It’s so easy and not a big investment to get started! You can find out more info about the Seint Artist Program.


How do I become an Artist?

You can read more about joining our team and how to do it HERE. To sign up or for any questions, please email me.


4 Tips to Get You Started on Your Beauty Journey

  • Get the right colors
  • Get the right brushes
  • Watch tutorials
  • Practice!

Getting Started with Seint Makeup with the Right Colors

If you’re ready to jump into Seint makeup, it’s really important that you get the right colors…it will make all the difference! But how do you know what colors will work well on you?? You have a few options:

  • You can take a quick Seint Color Match Quiz for a general suggestion on your colors
  • The Seint Color Match Guide will help you pick out your own colors and products.
  • For personal makeup help, take the Seint makeup survey. This will help me know how to help you best. I will give you personalized makeup recommendations that will look amazing on you. 
  • You can go directly to the Seint online store and choose a collection. Simply click on “Find My Shades”. Scroll through the images and choose the grouping of women that most closely matches your skin tone. Then add to cart. Super simple! You can learn more about each collection here: Collection No. 4, Collection No. 8, Collection No. 12 (I personally think the No. 12 collection is the best option! You get more bang for your buck and it comes with my two favorite brushes!)

Color Match Me!

Choosing the Right Seint Makeup Brushes

It’s crucial to have the right makeup brushes! If you want to have a great makeup application, you have to have great makeup brushes. Seint makeup brushes are specifically made to work with cream makeup. Please, please, please invest in at least ONE Seint makeup brush.  It will make all the difference! My 2 favorite makeup brushes are the Detail Brush, Blush + Bronzer Brush, and Blend Brush.

Seint Brushes

Best Brushes to Apply Seint iiid foundation

Seint Makeup Tutorials

Once you have the right makeup colors and tools, it’s time to learn! Watch some Seint makeup tutorials to get an idea of how to apply the makeup. The cool thing is that there are lots of different ways to apply and blend the makeup. Play around with different techniques to see what works best for you. Some women like to do the finger painting method, some like to use one brush, and some like to use multiple brushes. There’s no wrong way! 

As one of my customers, I send you a Beauty Guide eBook and you have access to me to ask me any questions as you learn. Plus, I have lots of Seint makeup tutorials on my blog or social media. (Instagram, YouTube channel, Facebook beauty group, TikTok, Pinterest, blog.)

Everything You Need to Know About Seint Makeup

Once you take the quiz, you’ll get an email with your results. If you take the makeup survey, then you’ll get an email from me with your personal suggestions and instructions. As one of my customers, I send you a special Beauty Guide eBook that teaches you all you need to know about the makeup and how to apply it! As your personal Seint Artist and certified makeup artist, I’m here every step of the way along your Seint beauty journey. You can text or email me with any questions or troubleshooting you may need.

You can also find lots of tutorials on my Instagram, my YouTube channel, in my Facebook beauty group, TikTok, Pinterest, and my blog.

Seint Products I’d Recommend for Beginners

If you are a beginner with Seint makeup, make sure to check out this Seint Makeup Guide for Beginners. It will show you all the things: how to set up your compact, how to replace tins, how to prep and use a makeup sponge, different makeup techniques and more!

There are so many fun Seint products to play around with! But as a beginner, it’s best to keep it simple until you feel confident with this new makeup. Here are the Seint products I’d recommend for beginners:

  • 2 highlight shades (one for your main shade and one that is a little lighter than that so you can use it in the winter months or as a brightening highlight)
  • 1 contour
  • 1-2 lip + cheek shades (I would suggest a satin and a gloss so you can mix and match. These are some of my absolute favorite ones that look great on most women: Hollywood, Pink Grapefruit, Boardwalk, Nude, Madrid, Tropicana, Black Cherry, La Cienega, Ibiza, and Sadie).
  • 1 illuminator– If you want a subtle look, go for cream. If you want a pop, then go for powder.
  • 1-2 brushes– My very favorite brushes to start with are the Detail Brush and the Blush + Bronzer Brush.
  • Powder– If you prefer a matte look or if you have oily skin, setting your makeup with powder is key! You can use the Powder Brush or the Perfector Sponge to apply your powder.
  • The Perfector Sponge– This is key to a flawless blended look!
  • Palette– You will get palette credit when you purchase 4 or more makeup singles. I recommend getting at least the palette 8 (palette 12 is even better) so you have room to grow your collection. You may end up getting your palette for free! But it will at least be heavily discounted. 

How to Buy Seint Makeup

To shop Seint makeup, you can go directly to my online Seint shop. To get started with Seint makeup, it’s best to purchase 1-3 highlight shades to accommodate for the different shades we have on our faces…plus, our skin changes colors with sun exposure. You’ll also want 1 contour color, at least 1 lip & cheek color, and 1 illuminator. This will give you a great starting point. Other items you might consider buying are:

You definitely want to pick out a makeup brush or two! A good brush is KEY in a great makeup application!! Do not skip the brush! Seint brushes are specifically made to work with cream makeup. They will give you the best application and blending!

Color Match Me!

Here are some suggestions for you:

If you still have questions, email me…I’m always happy to help! You will love how this makeup line makes you look and how it completely simplifies your beauty process. Everything you need (minus mascara) fits into just one compact! It’s the best!

So, what is Seint makeup? Hopefully now you have a bit of a better idea! Want to see how easy and fast it is to use Seint Makeup? Click here or here!

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What is Seint Makeup?

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What is Seint Makeup?

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