Dermaplaning — Why More Women Are Shaving Their Faces

Have you seen the trend of women shaving their faces? It may seem weird, but there are so many benefits to adding dermaplaning into your skincare routine. Let’s learn why!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation process of skimming off the dead skin cells and hair from your face. Dermplaning is best done by a professional such as an aesthetician or dermatologist.

But there is a trend of women shaving their faces at home. This is a lower level of dermaplaning that can be done carefully by yourself. With the right tools and knowledge, you can safely learn how to do it yourself.

Why are Women Shaving Their Faces?

Why would women want to shave their faces? Isn’t that something that men only do? Not anymore! Women can get soft and smooth skin just as men can! But the great thing is that women’s facial hair (vellus hair) doesn’t grow back thicker or darker. It will grow back just as it was before.

Have you ever seen a woman that has a lot of fuzzy hair under your nose and thought she should get rid of it? Or have you ever noticed that you are looking a little fuzzy when you look at yourself in the mirror? It’s normal for women’s faces to have peach fuzz and some of us have more than others. But we don’t have to just bare with it. We can get rid of it so your face feels and looks nice and smooth.

Should All Women Shave Their Face?

If you have eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or acne it’s best to avoid shaving your face. Doing so can irritate your skin. It’s best to wait for your skin to clear up before shaving your face.

What are the Risks of Shaving Your Face?

Most women think that if you shave your face, your hair will grow back thicker and darker. It’s a myth. It’s not true! Since the hair on women’s faces is vellus hair, it will grow back the exact same way it was before shaving. So there is no risk in shaving and having thicker and darker facial hair grow back.

But there are a few legit risks:

  • Cutting your face if you’re not careful with the blade.
  • Scarring if you cut your face.
  • Creating ingrown hairs if you go against the hair growth.
  • Creating micro cuts that can cause bacteria to enter your skin layers and then causing blemishes.

But if you are careful and follow good sanitation, you won’t have to worry about these risks.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

There are so many benefits to dermaplaning and shaving your face! Here are a few of the benefits:

  • It will remove the dead skin cells from your face.
  • It will help your skincare products absorb better into your skin.
  • It will help your makeup apply better.
  • It will help your face look smoother.
  • It will help your face feel smoother.
Dermaplaning Benefits

The Steps to Shave Your Face

Now that you understand what dermaplaning is and why you should add it into your skincare routine, here are the steps for doing it at home:

  • Start with a clean face.
  • Use a clean facial razor.
  • You can do it on dry skin or use an oil cleanser to help the blade slide smoother.
  • Place the razor at a 45 degree angle.
  • Work in small sections on your face and move the blade in the direction of your hair growth.
  • Make sure your skin is taut. You may need to use your other hand to tighten the skin in certain areas on your face.
  • Wipe your face with a clean wet cloth and finish your skincare routine (toner, serum, moisturizer).
  • Either toss your razor or sanitize it with rubbing alcohol for one more use.

It’s very important that if you choose to shave your face at home, that you follow a few steps so that you won’t harm yourself or cause breakouts:

  • Always start with a clean face and clean hands.
  • Only use a razor once or twice. If you use it twice, sanitize it between uses with alcohol.
  • Use a steady hand and taut skin to avoid cutting your face.

The Best Facial Razors to Use for Dermaplaning

Which facial razors are best to use?? I went to Amazon and researched the best rated razors and bought a bunch! Here are the best facial razors to use at home:

  • Tinkle Razor– These razors are the most popular by far! They’re rated a 4.6 at 135k reviews and they’re only 66 cents per razor. They’re a great disposable option that can be used once.
  • Dermaplaning Tool– These are rated a 4.4 with over 18k reviews. They are $1 per razor. I love that they have an adjustable blade so you can get different angles easily.
  • Tweezerman Facial Razor– This razor is rated a 4.6 with over 4k reviews. It’s a stainless steel tool that can switch out the blade. It comes with 3 blades and is about $5 per blade. It’s a more expensive option but I feel like this one is the most legit DIY dermaplaning tool. It feels sturdy and can be used multiple times as long as you sanitize the blade in between uses.
  • Battery Facial Razor– This razor is rated 4.4 with 142k reviews. It’s $20 and is the most cost effective option because you can use the razor over and over and just need to replace the batteries. It’s best to lightly spray it with alcohol in between uses to sanitize the tool.
Best Facial Razors

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Dermaplaning — Why More Women Are Shaving Their Faces

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Dermaplaning — Why More Women Are Shaving Their Faces

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