Is Seint Makeup Expensive?

Is Seint Makeup Expensive?

Is Seint makeup expensive?? No! Seint makeup is very affordable! Let’s break it down…

What is Seint Makeup?

First off, what is Seint makeup?? Seint makeup is a iiid foundation cream makeup that comes in tins. The individual tins can be placed in a custom compact to create a personal makeup palette. The iiid foundation is meant to be applied using one layer of makeup to get a 3-dimensional look. Highlight, contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator add shape and dimension to your face without the heavy layers of makeup.

How Much is Seint Makeup?

Seint makeup ranges in price from $14-$20. Let’s break it down more:

Eyeshadows: $14

Cream Eyeshadows: $16

Highlight (foundation): $16

Contour: $16

Lip + Cheek: $16

Cream Illuminator: $16

Powder Illuminator: $18

Bronzer: $16

Powder: $18

Demi Correctors: $20

Brow Wax: $20

Be aware, the tins look tiny! But they pack a mighty punch! These prices are totally affordable.

Seint Makeup Pricing

How Long Does Seint Makeup Last?

It really depends on how much makeup you wear and how often you wear it. But in general, this is how long Seint makeup lasts:

Highlight: 2-4 months

Contour: 3-6 months

Lip + Cheek: 6-12 months

Illuminator: 9-12 months

Eyeshadows: 1+ years

How Long Does Seint Makeup Last

Where Can You Buy Seint Makeup?

It’s really easy to buy Seint makeup! You can do everything online! Simply shop the online store. Find more info about where to buy Seint makeup online.

How Do You Know What Seint Colors To Buy?

There are a few ways to find your Seint makeup colors:

  • Color Match Quiz: This is a quick way to get a general idea of what colors will look great on you. It takes just a few minutes!
  • Color Match Guide: If you want to decide yourself, you can look through the Color Match Guide to see what shades you think will look great on you.
  • Color Match Survey: This is a great way to get personally color matched by me! I will analyze your coloring and recommend the right products that will look the best on you.
  • Pre-built Collections: Make it super easy and buy a pre-built makeup palette with colors that all look great together. Just find your shade by looking at the images and choose the closest match.

How Do You Apply Seint Makeup?

There are several different ways you can apply Seint makeup. Think of it like a paint-by-numbers coloring page. Apply highlight, contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator on certain parts of your face and blend!

Seint Makeup Chart

Benefits of Seint Makeup

There are many benefits to using Seint makeup. Here are 5 main pros:

  • Seint makeup is versatile
  • Seint makeup is great for traveling
  • Seint makeup saves time
  • Seint makeup saves space
  • Seint makeup saves money

Seint Makeup is Versatile

This cream makeup can be used in multiple ways! Lip + cheek can be worn as blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Contour can be used as contour, brow color, concealer, and lip liner. Illuminator can be used as illuminator, lipstick, and eyeshadow. And on and on! The options are endless!

Seint Makeup is Great for Traveling

Hands down, Seint makeup is the BEST makeup for traveling!! Everything fits into one palette. It’s all TSA approved so you can carry it on in your personal items as you fly to your destination. You don’t have to worry about spills or potential lost luggage.

Best Makeup for Traveling

Seint Makeup Saves Time

Seint makeup is really quick and easy to apply, saving you time! You don’t have to waste time rummaging through your cluttered makeup bag or drawer looking for the right product to apply…everything is at your fingertips!

Seint Makeup Saves Space

Everything, minus mascara, fits into one compact!! Foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, blush, lipstick, illuminator, powder, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner. It all fits. No more cluttered makeup bag or drawer. Just one palette. That’s it!

Traditional Makeup Versus Seint Makeup

Seint Makeup Saves Money

Have you ever spent money on a prebuilt eyeshadow palette and you end up using one color a lot more than another? It’s such a waste! With Seint makeup, you can choose exactly what colors you want in your palette. When you have finished one product, simply pop the tin out and replace that item. You don’t end up wasting money!

So, is Seint makeup expensive? No! Not only is it totally affordable, but it also has many other cool benefits! What are you waiting for?? Start using it today!

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Is Seint Makeup Expensive?

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